Monday, February 16, 2009

The Dog House

I spent the majority of my day working from home today, but I managed to make a run to one of my favorite places, Old Time Pottery.

Our house is decorated for the most part, but I was not fully satisfied with the arrangement of pictures. Our bedroom desperately needed a picture to hang over our bed.

Today was my lucky day and my creative juices were flowing! I found a picture to hang over our bed and I found a picture that I had been so desperately wanting. I bought the pictures and they were 50% off! When I got home, I started moving pictures around immediately.

I decided that the dachshund oil painting, that I wanted, needed to go in our Master Bathroom. Since Knox spends a lot of time in our bathroom, it should make him feel at home. Below is the picture:

If you know my mom or me, you know how much we love dachshunds. My mom has her office and laundry room dedicated to dachshunds; so, you know I had to make one of my rooms "dachshund friendly". My mom even has curtains with dachshunds on them. Yes, we're nuts!

I've spent the majority of the evening looking up dachshund drawings and paintings online. I've found so many and I can't wait to start ordering and decorating. I just know that Fred is just as excited as I am, not! I even came across a dachshund pillow stitch-it kit. Since I'll be unemployed next week, I was looking for something to do, but they're sold out.

I really like this picture by Mary Lynn Blasutta because I think it looks like Fred and me, but Fred doesn't seem to really like it.

I am very excited about my dachshund bathroom and I'll post pictures when it's complete.

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Leslie and Sam said...

I had no idea you have a blog! The bathroom sounds cute!