Friday, February 27, 2009

God's Gifts

Thank you to everyone who responded to my last blog entry. It's so funny to hear you all say to keep some of my clothing items for maternity/post-maternity. I was just thinking about that!

Typically when a couple gets married, the next question out of friends and family members mouths is "When are you going to have babies?" Fred's mom has even started knitting a baby blanket. Before Fred and I were married we agreed that we did not want to have children immediately, but that we did want to start a family before we both turned 30.

Fred turned 27 in November and I turned 26 in December. We've since started discussing children more. A lot of our friends are having babies. For some reason, everywhere I look, there are "baby" things. Baby this, baby that, baby, baby, baby. I am starting to wonder if it's just me or if things like this happen to women in their mid to late 20's?

Fred and I still aren't planning on starting a family anytime soon, but sometimes we do discuss what we'd name these future children. It's fun. We certainly don't want to have a baby when we're still not sure about the future of our jobs, but it is God's plan and in His time we will be parents. But for now, we're Mommy and Daddy to Knox and I can wear my "skinny" clothes! :)

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Anca said...

Nah, it's not just you. I think you notice it more the closer you get to being ready (watch out!). And trust me, you will never be ready enough!