Sunday, February 22, 2009

Live Like You Were Dying

Hopefully this week will bring some answers to our family and many others. We will find out Tuesday if our facility north of Memphis will open next week. And some of the big bosses are meeting my dad and his business partners this week to tour our facilities near Nashville, TN and southern Georgia. We hope to have some answer by Friday on which facilities will remain open and which ones will close. I pray that this will be a week for answers and that we'll know what the next step will be.

I am still trusting in the Lord to help us through this time. Fred and I are both off of work this week. I'm a little bit jealous because our friend, Mason, left for vacation in Jamaica today. I wish I was there spending my week off. He's staying at the same resort we stayed at in December.

Today at church, we installed our new pastor, Rev. Nathan Tircuit. We had several visiting pastors there for the installation. The pastor who gave the sermon really touched me today. He preached on Romans 12:1-5. His sermon was about loving and living like you were dying. He even quoted the Tim McGraw song, "Live Like You Were Dying". How would your daily life be different if you knew you only had a week or a month to live?

It really made me think about our work situation and I can't worry about it. I have to give that up to God and enjoy the time that I do get to spend with Fred, Knox and the rest of my family. I am so blessed. God tells us that if we fail, he will always be our Savior. Jesus Christ died to take away all of our sins. For that, I am eternally grateful.

When I was in middle school, high school and college, my family and I attended Bellevue Baptist Church. My grandparents attended St. Andrews Presbyterian Church of America. When we had to put my grandmother in an Alzheimer's assisted living home, my parents and I started going to St. Andrews with my grandfather. I came to enjoy the sermons. When Fred and I were dating, he would come with me. Before we were married, Fred and I decided to join the church. We were also married at St. Andrews.

Well, for some reason, I got it in my head at Bellevue that pastors were "holier than thou". But, our new pastor, Nathan, and our old pastor, Wayne, and our old assistant pastor, Doug, taught me that the "holier than thou" mess was untrue. I've come to learn that these men are just that, "men". My new pastor has a Facebook page and he loves to hunt. He has a beautiful family, including a daughter named Caroline. This church has been a real eye-opener for me and it's true, we're all equal.

Tonight we are going to dinner at my great-aunt's house for the monthly Billingsley dinner. Neither one of my grandfather's brothers and their wives had any children; so, they are like other sets of grandparents to me. It should be a good time! It's so wonderful to be a part of a small, loving family.

Please continue to pray for us and those who are in the same boat. Thank you for your prayers. They've really helped us thus far and we are so grateful for friends like you.

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Courtney Rogers said...

Caroline, I'm really touched by your strong spirit. Stay positive! I'm praying for you two.