Thursday, February 26, 2009

Out with the Old

Day two of my spring cleaning event was successful. It's amazing how much trash a house can gather over one year.

There are two closets that I cannot bring myself to clean out, my summer and winter closets. I am too afraid to get rid of my "fat" clothes because I feel like I may need them again. I don't want to ever fit back into my jeans, but for some reason, I can't part with them.

A girl I worked with told me that if I ever wanted to get rid of some clothes she would take them. She is a single mother and I know she would wear them and they would help her, but I can't get up the courage to go through them and bag them up for her. I have one more week before I see her and I know that she needs them more than I do.

Perhaps getting rid of the "fat" clothes would help me maintain the 30+ pounds that I've lost. I don't even know why I am holding on to them. I don't have any sort of sentimental attachment to them. I think it's time to get rid of the old me.


erin said...

GET RID of the clothes! I went through this same thing, and I held on to a lot of clothes for a while, and then one day I just decided enough was enough. I didn't want to give myself a chance to go back to that old me, and you shouldn't either. I did keep a few pants b/c one of my friends said they would be good pregnancy transition clothes, but that's it. 85% of it went to Goodwill. It feel SO freeing, trust me!

Courtney Rogers said...

Beware of the post pregnancy sizes is all I have to say!

Stickles Family said...

i have noticed the weight loss!! meant to tell long before now that you love FABULOUS!!! get RID OF THE JEANS!!! ha! :)