Thursday, May 14, 2009

75 Jazzercise

Today will be my 75th class of the year at Jazzercise. I am so excited. I've never made it to this many classes in a whole year. I am proud of myself. And yes, it does show!


Chicago Girl said...

Okay, I see this was from 2009, but still - WOW!!! 75 times in...wait, I'm doing the math... 75 times in 14ish weeks!!!!

I Jazzercise - a recent convert - and 75 times is impressive! I hope when I hit that it will show on me too!! I just started my weight-loss journey and Jazzercise is my fitness drug of choice. I'm blogging about it so I can hold myself accountable. You've added to my inspiration! Thanks!

Jazzer Chick said...

Oops, my friend is here using my computer...I just posted as her 'Chicago Girl' that she was signed in for....but I'm JazzerChick
hehe! Keep up the good work! Lovely!