Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Week of Not Cooking

Week Two of my New Year's Resolution Part 2 is coming to an end and it wasn't as bad as week one because I made a salad to take to Bible Study, but I didn't attempt to make anything else. Why?

Sunday: Dinner with my mom's side of the family at my parents house
Monday: Pei Wei (we hadn't had it in so long)
Tuesday: Bible Study (I made Five Cup Salad)
Wednesday: Buffalo Wild Wings
Thursday: Willie's birthday dinner at my parents
Friday - Monday: We're at the lake

Next week isn't looking so good either, but I think I can squeeze in a night or two. I feel so guilty. I want to do this. I HAVE TO MAKE TIME! I HAVE TO!!

Maybe I should plan on officially kicking off Part 2 on July 1. It's only a little over a week away, can you believe it?

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pumpkinpatches said...

I totally do the same thing, I even make weekly meal plans 3 weeks at a time and ask me how many times we stick to them?????? about 1 day out of the week if even that!! LOL I used to feel guilty and I do sometimes still but I figure I at least made the effort with the meal can I help it if my husband brings home dinner every other day...although this does need to stop I am gaining some serious weight!
ps. I am over form Kelly's home tour and love you blog!