Sunday, June 28, 2009

Full of Life

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers for Knox. On Friday, he had two baby teeth removed, an extra digit removed, neutered and a microchip inserted. But, when we got home, you couldn't tell. He's been full of energy all weekend.

I snapped the above picture to show how full of life he is. He loves the new couch and acts as though it's his jungle gym.

Dr. Carr Kelsey at the Kelsey Canine Medical Center in Collieville, TN is the BEST!!!! He even called to check on Knox that evening.

Pictures of the redecorated living room are coming just as soon as we finish. Stay tuned!


jill said...

so glad knox is feeling better! he looks good as new, mom!!! and i loooove what i can see of the new furniture!

rootsandrings said...

Typical! Doggy parents always worry so much and then the dogs just bounce back. That's why they are our Best Friends... because they always make us feel better!