Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Getting "Tutored"

I just booked Knox's appointment to get neutered. I am so sad about this. I know it's for the best and since he hasn't met any nice dachshund girls with nice families, it's time. So, Friday, please say a little prayer as our baby goes in for surgery. I'll be sure to get him a big treat for his recovery!

Am I the only crazy one or were any of you sad or nervous about putting your fur child through this procedure?


jill said...

our boys had it done at the same time, and i was a nervous wreck. cried all day. but it was NO big deal, and they were romping and playing by the time we picked them up. it's a good thing to do, especially for smaller breeds. our vet told us that smaller males were more susceptible to testicular cancer. go figure?!? we'll be saying a prayer for knox and a speedy recovery!

Ashley said...

AAAWWW, I hope he has a speedy recovery!