Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Resolution Part 2 Kicks Off Tonight!!

New Year's Resolution Part 2 is finally kicking off tonight. I have invited my parents, grandfather, and friend, Mason, over for dinner and then to help us move our current living room furniture into the game room since our new furniture will be delivered tomorrow. I guess it's sort of a bribe to help us carry the furniture upstairs.

On the menu:
Easy Cheesy Chicken Rolls
Green Beans
Olive Garden salad

And I actually have planned out two other meals for the weekend. I hope I can stick with it this time.

I'll post pics of the new living room and game room when they're finished. :)


jill said...

ooohh! can't wait to see the new furniture! and i think i'm making your chicken rolls for supper tonight! whoo! thanks for the idea. :)

timlinzrowland said...

You sound just like me. My excuse is....I have the only grandkids on both sides and both set of grandparents are close by so we NEVER eat at home. Tonight is one of the first times in like 2 months that we are eating at home.... seriously!!! We are always at the grandparents house!