Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Runner's World

Do you think I need new running shoes?

I've been inspired to attempt to run a 5K by a friend and fellow blogger, Erin. Erin has been working so hard and she's amazing.

I've walked in 5K's, but I've never ran in them. In high school, I was on the pom squad and I could run 2 miles in 15 minutes, but those days are long gone. When I try to run now, it feels like I have a caboose behind me jiggling up and down.

Road to the 5K
1. Set a deadline. I'd like to run the Race for the Cure in Memphis on October 31, 2009. That gives me 14 weeks from this Saturday.
2. Buy a new pair of running shoes. Now, this is the dilemma. I can't find any I like; so, that's why the silver and pink ones remain. I do have a $10 off coupon at Dick's Sporting Goods. What do you think of these or these?
3. Start training. I found a great 6 week guide to running a 5K; so, I am going to try that out since I have a few weeks to spare.

I'm not sure if I'll start today because it's been raining off and on all day, but let the training begin! (Ok, now this means I have to be accountable to all of you...YIKES)


The Longs said...

LOVE the pink ones from Dicks....!!!!

Chelsea said...

I love the pink ones too! But since you already have pink shox, maybe you want the other ones? Maybe? Can you ever really have too much pink though? And you ARE going to by running in the Race for the Cure... Pink all the way!

erin said...

I'm all about pink shoes, too, so I vote for the pink ones. I should tell you that not all running shoes are created equal, and you want to make sure you get the right kind for your foot. Some people overpronate or supinate, others have a neutral gait, and running shoes are made differently to fit the differing needs of runners. Since you live in the Memphis area, you might consider checking out a specialty running store, like Breakaway Athletics or Fleet Feet. People there can analyze your footfall to help you pick the right shoes for you. If you go to, there's all kind of information about shoes and foot type.

Oh, and if you end up not liking your 6-week plan, I did a 9 week one that worked well called Couch to 5k. Here's a link:

You have plenty of time to be ready for that 5k! You can do it!

timlinzrowland said...

I agree with all the rest, I love the pink ones. Bravo to you for doing this. I doubt you have a caboose jiggling behind you like you stated. If I tried to run it would be bad...real, real bad. I have NEVER been able to run so I will take walking any day. Good luck!!

b. said...

i really admire people that do marathons.. have fun!!! xo.

Melissa said...

I say go for the blue:) Also, what's the 6 week program? I did the C25k and it was amazing. It really worked and by week 6 I was ahead and running a 5k!! (although it was winter and had to be done on a treadmill). Good luck! I know you can do it!

Leslie said...

I like the pink. But, I definitely agree with Erin, too! I realized that I overpronate, looked up what shoes are good for certain kinds of feet, and switched to a new pair of shoes that I saw online. I couldn't believe the difference it made! Good luck with your goal! You can do it!

Chris & April said...

I have set a similar goal but my first 5K will be on Labor Day. Natalie and I are running in the Chick Fil A 5K downtown. You should check out It is a very neat website that has training schedules and allows you to map your neighborhood to see how far you are running. As you, I have never ran in a 5K only walked. I have been running for about 3 weeks and it has been tough. I keep wondering when it will get easier. So, GOOD LUCK!

Brown Girl said...

Good Luck! I am a huge fan of Asics. Do you have a Luke's Locker there? That's where I got fitted for shoes. By the way, Doing intervals will help you gain momentum and strength.