Tuesday, August 18, 2009

HOA Woes

A picture of our house before we bought it

Fred and I live in a very nice subdivision. Our part of the subdivision is gated and we pay HOA (Homeowners' Association) dues. Fred and I always pay on time and in full (this will come into play a little later on).

Now, the other night, our HOA board members had a meeting and one item in particular was voted on that has really "ruffled my feathers". (that's me putting it VERY nicely)

We have this one house in our neighborhood that is in foreclosure. The people never really kept a nice yard when they lived there (it was a minister from Minnesota's mistress and her no good teenagers) and they nor the bank have done a damn thing since they moved out. So, the house looks terrible. There are weeds that are about 2 feet high. But, we've heard that someone is very close to purchasing the house.

So, the HOA decided to use OUR dues to pay to have the property cleaned. This was not something that was voted on by the homeowners, but the board took it upon themselves to approve. Now, this makes me mad. Why should my dues go to pay to clean someone else's yard? I don't even do my own yard. We have a yard guy. So, should I just fire him and not mow my grass or pull weeds? Won't the HOA take care of me too?

It just blows my mind. At one point, they wanted to do a neighborhood clean up day of the yard. Again, we don't even do our own yard. Why would we go and do someone else's yard?

People are so concerned about the way the house looks. Who cares? I just tell people who come into the neighborhood that the house is in foreclosure and they say, "Oh, ok" and go on about their business. It just pisses me off! And I thought they said that it was close to being purchased. Obviously the potential home buyer isn't worried about its appearance.

Now if this were an elderly person or a disabled person, I wouldn't mind helping. But, I refuse to help people who don't help themselves.

And then yesterday the wonderful HOA sent out an email with a list of those who were delinquent on their dues and our names were on there! I was furious. I called the management company who handles our finances to make sure they had received our check and they had on August 1. So, why in the world is "SMITHWICK, FRED AND CAROLINE" on the list????? I don't want the whole neighborhood thinking that I don't pay my bills because I do. Ugh, HOA's!!!!


jen + ryan said...

ugh, that would bother me too... i hope my first experience with our HOA isn't too bad...

Stephanie said...

No fair to say the least!! I'm sure whomever buys it will be getting a great deal with it in forclosure and it's appearance and will have saved the money to take care of it! I would raise a ruckus over that and the reputation killing email. They need to be issuing an apology!

Ps - the "puppy" on my blog is the sAme dog we've always had. It's just that he will always be a puppy to me! And when he's curled up with his dad it is just plain adorable =)

Chelsea said...

That sucks! I just had the same thing happen with Stephen's student loans. They said we didn't pay last month but we VERY CLEARLY did. It was drafted from my account. I SEE IT! Grrr.

Your post was very republican. :)My husband would love it!

Annie said...

that is just wrong!
i'd be upset too!!!
your house looks beautiful!

timlinzrowland said...

I would be mad too. We aren't in a subdivision so we don't have to worry with HOA but this would infuriate me. I think they should send out an apology letter!!

short southern momma said...

smoke would be shooting out of my ears!!! Hope it all gets worked out! = )

Kelsey Smith said...

I would ask for a reprint of the newsletter -- hah!!! That isn't funny though, sorry about the extra stress!

Natasha said...

Ooooo! That would fire me up to! HOAs can be so terrible. You know a house on our block was foreclosed on & the same thing, weeds like crazy, total eyesore, finally the bank who owned the house ended up getting some yard people out after much complaining at the HOA meetings. I would've died if they had suggest WE pay for it! RIDICULOUS!!! As far as the notice goes you should freak them out and say you're contimplating suing them for liable since they printed something false that damaged your character. HA! Seriously though, that's terrible that they send that out, is that even legal??

Thanks for your sweet comment, I'm really excited about my tank but nervous to wash it, hope it looks just as good! I'll let you know how Sam does tomorrow too.


A Girl Can Dream said...

Ugh! HOAs are seroiusly I nightmare, I don't think I've ever heard someone say, "my HOA is great". I would be super pissed too if my $$ was going to help someone who doens't help themself. I feel for you, I get angry just thinking about it for you!