Thursday, August 20, 2009

Neighborhood Court

So, tonight I get to go to "neighborhood court". Well, that's what I am calling it anyway. Remember my HOA woes? Well, some people in my neighborhood are crazy.

My neighbor, across the street, is being sued by their next door neighbor because the neighbor feels as though their roof for their outdoor kitchen will collapse and hit his house.

First, there is NOOO freaking way! This man is crazy!!! Second, this structure was built in fall of 2007 (before we moved in) and they received a permit for it on October 18, 2007. They are requesting a variance of 4.5” so that they do not have to alter the porch. They've invited the whole neighborhood over to see the structure for themselves.

So, I am going tonight (since Fred will be working late) to tell the board that this is a very nice structure and is in no way harmful to anyone.

On a side note: These neighbors are super nice. They invite us over for drinks and food all of the time. They have a pool and they also invite us over to use that. Their pool and outdoor kitchen are first class!! They have the best looking yard (their grass is like golf course grass). And their house always looks great!!

Why do people have to be so crazy?!! Get a life!


Chelsea said...

During Ike, our tree fell over and crushed our neighbor's garage. Oops. They wanted us to pay their insurance deductible. Um, no thanks. We have our own to pay for. It's not like it was our fault, blame Ike. Or God. But not us!! :)

short southern momma said...

what?! This is crazy! way to stand up for your neighbors! = )

Bernie said...

Nice blog!

Candace said...

Ah, the joys if suburbia! Can I guess C'ville or G'town? Way to be a good neighbor back to them!