Monday, August 31, 2009

To Kill a Mockingbird

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Ours was interesting.

I must tell you that Knox got his first kill on Friday. He was sunbathing outside when a mockingbird swooped down to torment him and he caught it and ate it. Yes, he ate the entire bird. There were just a few feathers scattered throughout the yard. Disgusting, right. We were proud, but completely grossed out at the same time. Can you believe this innocent, little creature killed something? We spent the weekend at the lake. It was great and the weather was perfect. I'll have pictures of Knox swimming later.

And if you're asking, is that a car seat? Yes, Knox rides in a car seat. He loves it because he can look out and it's super comfy. We've spoiled him so much that he loves to ride in our laps, but this is the first trip he made in the car seat. We put him in the middle of the backseat and he could see everything.

Only 13 more days until the Running of the Weenies!!! Knox is ready!


Future Mrs. H said...

AHH that little man ate a whole bird?!?!?!

Annie said...

icky! he ate a bird!
but he looks so innocent ;)

erin said...

He really is your little fur baby, isn't he? :)

It's amazing what dogs will eat. Ick!

Heather said...

A whole bird? Yuck!!

Running of the wienies? What is this?? It sounds so cute.

The Andrews Family said...

ha! Bailey has a car seat too!

Miss. Pretty said...

yuck! hahaha! seriously though..our backyard is a small cemetery...can't even tell you how many birds, raccoons, squirrels.. they've got a hold of!!