Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is It Friday, Yet?

Here's proof that Knox is really feeling better:He was very active last night and was barking for the chicken noodle soup for dogs food. He loves it more than his normal food, but who doesn't like a nice treat?

Today is such a busy day: Fred's dad is having knee replacement surgery this morning. Please say a prayer for him. I am going to lunch with some of the ladies from this summer's Bible Study. And my parents return from their week long trip to Miami (I'm so jealous). So, I am definitely looking forward to the weekend!!!

And it's election day in the Memphis city limits and I am just praying that they don't interrupt "The Office" tonight! Is that bad?

Thank you to everyone who checked out Paw Prints & Co. Be on the lookout for the Christmas ornament line coming out very, very soon!!!


short southern momma said...

so glad Knox is feeling better! yay!

Keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers too! Hope you have a nice "uninterrupted" night! {p.s. and I don't think that was bad at all!} = )

short southern momma said...

geez...thats like the 5th smiley face that has done me this way today..I give up! haha

jill said...

hope the surgery went well!!! my dad had his done a few years ago, and it went super smoothly .. praying for the same for y'all. and christmas ornaments?!?! we will HAVE to have a couple!!!

Trac~ said...

YAY! Glad to hear that Knox is feeling better - he's such a cute little fellow! :o)

Trac~ said...

P.S. Forgot to add - saying some prayers that your father-in-law's knee surgery went well today. :o)

The Emerson's said...

I am just stopping by from Jill's blog to show you some love! Love your little blog and your adorable pup! I look forward to following your sweet story!

Annie said...

christmas ornaments! how fun!!
you are so creative:)

hope you had a great weekend!!