Thursday, October 8, 2009

Open for Business

Thanks, everyone! Yes, I do have an etsy store. Click here. If you want me to sketch any dog or cat, please email me at I also posted a couple of frames that I've done for friends and family.

My current list of sketches:
Dachshund (short-hair and long-hair)
King Charles Cavalier
Persian Cat

Currently working on:
Old English Sheep Dog

I will email you a sketch. Once the sketch is approved, I will do the first coat of paint and email you a picture. Once you approve that, I apply the second coat of paint and email you a picture. Then I will ship it to you!

My prices are $20 for an 8x10. The 18 x 14 is $30. And if you want larger, I will negotiate price. Buyer also pays shipping. Paypal is preferred.

Please let me know if you're interested. Thank you!!!


short southern momma said...

Congrats girl!! Headed over to check out you shop now! = )

short southern momma said...

Am I doing something wrong? The link didn't take me anywhere?

Caroline said...

Try it again! :)

jill said...

how fun is this?!?!? hope it takes off big time!

jill said...

i just had a fabulous idea ... my grandmother has a black schnauzer (did i spell that right?) that she is over the moon for! do you think you could make a painting of our max? would there be a way to paint his collar on there with his little 'max' tag? an 8x10 would be perfect for her. e-mail me if it sounds like something you could do! yay! :)

Mrs. Wife said...

Wow! you are really talented! I have a wiener dog too! Just found your blog!