Friday, October 16, 2009

TGIF, Y'all!

Ahhh, it's Friday. I haven't worked a full Friday is about three weeks. It feels a little odd. Not to mention that I am one of two people in the office. It's so quiet.

I had to get out of here for a minute; so, I ran to the post office. On my way back from the post office, I decided to run into some video store to see if they had "The Proposal". And they did! I snatched it up because I knew if I got to the video store closer to my house this evening, they wouldn't have it. Somehow, it magically disappeared off of our Netflix. I wonder who did that? So, we now know what I'll be doing this evening!! I love me some Ryan Reynolds!
Fred's dad made it through surgery and now has to spend the next few days in the hospital. Fred's sister is hosting a slumber party for 9 and 10-year-olds for my nice, Jessica's, birthday tonight. Fred's mom doesn't want to be around all of that; so, she may spend the night at our house. We'll see.

Knox is back to his old self. He really loves the chicken noodle soup for dogs food. It's expensive; so, I am checking to see if there's something similar. He loves it even more when it's mixed with his dry food. My little boy is growing up.

I can't believe it's basketball time already. Tonight kicks off Memphis Madness for the University of Memphis Tigers. We have a new coach and we're ready to play. I also have to root for Tennessee since Fred was on the team and all. Unfortunately, my school, University of South Florida, isn't so good at basketball; so, I root for the home team.
And I am very sad because my 6-0 South Florida Bulls lost last night to Cincinnati. Such a bummer, but we'll keep on winning!

Also, Jill at The Young & the Precious featured me as her "Bloggy Babe of the Week". I am so honored. Jill is so sweet and so cute. I just love her "wild woman". Check out her blog. We share a passion for "The Young & the Restless", "The Office" and "Big Brother". Thank you, Jill, for you kind words.

And the mayoral election didn't ruin "The Office", but it ruined the ending of "The Mentalist". Doesn't our local CBS affiliate know that I need my Simon Baker?!!!

The sun is supposed to shine this weekend; so, I am looking forward to that! I need a pumpkin and I need to decorate the outside of my house for Halloween.

And does anyone know where I can get a button for my blog made? Thanks!!!


Justin and Jenn said...

You'll love The Proposal- it's hilarious!!

Natasha said...

Caroline-- try the lady who designed my Southern Paperie blog.. she was awesome as well as fast and inexpensive!! Have a great weekend! =)

short southern momma said...

I have been wanting to see the proposal too! What year did Fred play BB? My BFF was a cheerleader for them in '98. Um..I could write a whole book here on the Y&R {I am a die hard fan}...the baby switch about made me sick! I twitter about it all the time! hehe. Hope you have a great weekend! = )

Miss. Pretty said...

The Proposal is SO cute! I went and saw it with my mom, Aunt, and grandmother and we all loved it!

By any chance do you know when the Memphis tickets go on sale? I'll be in Memphis after Christmas through New Years (visiting my boyfriend's family) and I really REALLY want to go to the Memphis/UT game on NYE! I want to give them as a gift to my boyfriend.

Sorry about USF..they did beat my team, FSU :( well, who hasn't beat FSU this year, ha!

Brown Girl said...

I loved the Proposal, it was too cute! Have a good weekend!

Jen said...

Just found your blog, it's too cute! You have a new follower :)

We saw The Proposal on the plan on the way back from the honeymoon - hilarious!!

Heather said...

Let us know how the Proposal is, I have been wanting to see it!!

Ink Obsession Designs said...

How was the movie? I've been wanting to see that!