Monday, November 9, 2009

Boating Is Fun

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We did! The weather was beautiful and we took advantage of the warmer temperatures by going to the lake with my parents and grandfather.

Here are some pictures:
Knox and Mommy
Fred and IFred and Knox driving the boatWillie looking out at the waterAnd when we got home, Knox looked so tired

So, I am struggling to lose the last bit of my weight. I feel as though I need a nutritionist and personal chef. My biggest struggle is lunch. Can anyone give me some healthy lunch choices? I am so tired of Subway and frozen meals. It seems like I have breakfast and dinner under control, but all inhibitions go out the window at lunch. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Mrs. Watts said...

Try and take 5 minutes each night before bed or when you're cleaning the kitchen up to put together your lunch for the next day. When I have food with me that I brought from home, I know I have to eat that before I buy anything. So if your dinner was great and healthy, just make a little more that night to pack with you for lunch the next day! I don't even bring money with me to work if I brought my lunch...I don't even let it be an option! Stay strong!

Heather said...

Oh Knox your so cute!!!

Lunch is a tough one. I usually do the frozen meals too. I sometimes buy a box of cereal and soy milk and leave those at work, I love cereal so it fills me up with little calories.

Kelly King said...

I wish i had a boat.........looks so much fun

knox is a cutie

have a great week

Leslie said...

I buy the bag of mixed salad greens, a bag of julienne cut carrots (or matchstick carrots), a few cans of white albacore tuna, low fat shredded cheddar cheese, and Newman's Own Raspberry and Walnut salad dressing. Almost every day I take a salad to school (with half of the drained can of tuna mixed in) with my dressing bottle, a string cheese, and a special K chocolate pretzel bar (90 calories!) for dessert. It usually fills me up, and I get in some nutrients/veggies. Plus, it gives me my sweet/salty fix! I have been taking my salads almost every day this school year so far and still enjoy them. Hope this helps! Loving Knox's life vest!

Becky said...

I like salads (the premade ones at Publix are good and filling) or wraps! This eliminates the carbs from the bread and you can put anything in it! Then I usually get veggies or fruit as the side.

Alison said...

Your little dog is so cute!

I like to make a big pot of soup on Sunday afternoon and then I eat it all the next week. You can make it really healthy and it's so easy to reheat. I'm totally not a salad person so soup is my go to thing for lunch.

Brown Girl said...

I used to love boating in the summers with my family, such great memories.

I think more than thinking up good choices you also have to use portion control and not watch so much what others are doing...unless you are already doing that. ;) I cook grilled chicken for dinner and then an extra piece for lunch and pair it with steamed veggies. I also love wraps...some chicken/turkey and load it down with veggies in a whole wheat or low carb tortilla, yummy! Good luck...I feel your pain. I work for a restaurant company that owns yummy MEXICAN food joints...ugh. ;/

jill said...

love the boat pictures! knox is adorable, and your sunglasses are fab! good luck with the lunch thing ... it seems i have no self control at any time of day. haha!

Mrs. Bear said...

I like the picture of knox's ears blowing in the wind...sort of like hair, haha.

I have found a new love for lunchtime - I've been eating a Gardenburger (sundried tomato basil this week) on an Arnold's Sandwich thin (toasted in the toaster at work) with hot sauce, lettuce, tomato, and some sort of cheese (fontina and fresh mozz have been great!). It is healthy and so filling!

I also find that salads packed with veggies, cheese, and beans (black, kidney, cannelini, etc) fill me up too.

The Richardson's said...

Fast food is my lunch thing cause I'm always on the go. So, I keep a print out of all the nutritional values of my fave fast food joints. And when I'm in the drive through, I pick the best choice from the list. Ok, who am I kidding. I have the list, but I usually order the worst on the list. What can I say..I have no self control haha.