Monday, January 11, 2010

I Caved

Well, I did it. I caved in and bought Jillian Michales' "30 Day Shred". I had thirty minutes between the time I got home yesterday and the time when I had to leave for my alumnae association meeting. So, I popped the dvd in and started on Level 1 because that has to be easy, right?

Ugh. I was sweating and tired by the time I was done. I my buns and thighs are sore today. And I just did LEVEL 1.

I like to think that I work out hard at Jazzercise, but Jillian kicked my butt! I highly recommend this dvd. It was short and I noticed results in the first day! I am anxious to see what Level 2 and 3 are like.

I also bought Jillian's "No More Trouble Zones" but I haven't opened it yet. I am a little scared. I found both of these at Costco for $7.99 each.

So, we had a low key weekend around our house. We finished season 3 of "Nip/Tuck"; so, now on to season 4. Love that show!! I wasn't feeling to well Friday and Saturday; so, I lounged on the couch with the heating pad a lot. Knox liked the heating pad too. I had it on my tummy and he was on top of that. Yeah, don't mind my pain. It was just too sweet to ask him to move.

I did try a Spinach, Tomato, Fetta 'n Egg Wrap from Starbucks. It was wonderful. I found Hungy Girl's version here and I plan on making those sometime soon. Delicious!

I hope everyone else had a great weekend. I am so excited because the highs are going to be in the 40's this week! Heat wave!!

Happy Monday!

P.S. Don't forget to vote for Knox here. Thanks!


Heather said...

Knox is super cute per usual.

I eat the spinach feta wrap (daily) yes it's my obsession. I LOVE them.

Yeah for Jillian, I need to try the shred. She scares me a little, very intense.

short southern momma said...

oh wow! mine has been in the wrapper for a month I need to put it to good use! I cant wait to hear about the other one. XOXO

Brown Girl said...

I wanted to by the Shred at Wally World yesterday and M wouldn't let me because he said I'd never use it. I really want it now! Love me some Knox! ;)

katie + bret said...

Oh, got to love Jillian. Yeah, her Shred DVD is intense but I love it!

Go East Memphis Mama said...

I am telling you it is one rough DVD!

allison @ designing woman said...

here's to hoping i cave soon also. I know some other friends that are doing it and i've heard the same thing from them.. that it kicks there but... can you send some motivation my way?

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

results in the first day???
I MIGHT have to cave too!!

Jen said...

Results in the first day?! Thanks for the review - I should get it!

Melissa said...

I voted:) And Level 2 was so different than 1. It's all about that dang plank position. Ughhhh! lol

erin said...

The Shred is hardcore! I did level 1 for a while last year but had to stop due to knee issues. It's such an effective, fast workout! I too have No More Trouble Zones, but I too am a little scared to try it.

Mrs. Bear said...

My tights are from Target!

Blair @ Reasonably Swanky said...

I need to try 30 days shred! I need some! Girls weekend is in 3 weeks and I want to look HOT! haha!