Friday, February 5, 2010

Go Colts!!

TGIF! Friday always seems like eternity when you're sick. But, luckily, I am feeling better and it's Friday. Double happiness! I might even break out the "30 Day Shred" tonight. I know Jillian has missed me.

Since I've been sick, I've found that Badger Headache Soother helps my headaches to go away. I love this stuff. I also had the neck ache the other day and it went away when I rubbed some of this on me. You should try it.
Have y'all watched "The Millionaire Matchmaker" on Bravo yet? I love that show. It comes on Tuesdays at 9pm. It's hilarious. I am in love with the show. Set your DVR's.
I don't have much planned this weekend. My mom and I are going to a jewelry and gift show tomorrow. It's fun to have "Girl's Day". And Superbowl on Sunday. This is the only game of the year that I even watch. My family doesn't do much for the Superbowl. We watch the first half order pizza for halftime and watch the second half. I usually love the halftime shows, but since Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson had the "incident", the halftime just isn't that great. Any way, I will be cheering on the Colts this year and I can't wait to see them beat the Saints. Take that "who dat" nation.

And Heather at Live.Laugh.Love. me craving some sushi right now. Maybe I'll have to squeeze that in this weekend. :)

So, are you for the Colts, the Saints or you just don't care?


timlinzrowland said...

I just don't care but I always enjoy the yummy snacks and food that go along with the game! Maybe this year I will feel good enough to eat them! I will have to checkout the Badgers headache soother, that sounds like something I should keep at all times!

Go East Memphis Mama said...

Sorry I am for the Saints this year;) I need to try that headache stuff. Where do you get it?

Natasha said...

You know I am PEYTON all the way-- GO COLTS!!! Looks like you have a fabulous weekend planned... enjoy your fun girl time!!

P.S. yes Millionaire Matchmaker is HILARIOUS--those ppl are wackos!!

Heather said...

LOL, I hope you get your sushi hun. GO COLTS!!

Candice said...

Ok...I need that headache stuff. Where did you get it?

And I am with you, ever since JT and Janet ruined halftime for me it has been boring, boring, boring!!!! Although I am looking forward to Carrie Underwood singing the national anthem...that will take up, what a minute tops? ha!

And Go Saints :)

jill said...

GOOOOO COLTS!!!!!! definitely all for big blue this weekend, friend! glad you're feeling better ... enjoy your downtime. :)

Stephanie said...

okay - I am torn - do I root for the Colts because of Kendra's hubby?? or for the Saints because of Kim Kardashian. AHHHHHH - me and these celebs, out of control!!

Mrs. Bear said...

Obvi we are rooting for the Colts b/c of Peyton!!!

Have a great weekend - maybe you should get sushi instead of pizza at halftime on sunday - switch it up a bit hehehe.

PS. love millionaire matchmaker!