Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Price of Beauty Recap: Brazil

Last night on "The Price of Beauty", Jessica, Ken, and CaCee traveled to Brazil in search of beauty. Brazil is one of the world's top places for plastic surgery.

Now, I've always wanted to go to Brazil. The beaches look absolutely amazing and I've always wanted to see the Christ the Redeemer statue. And after this episode, I am dying to go to Brazil!

When the trio arrived, the girls talked Ken into getting waxed. I've never had any sort of wax treatment, but after watching this, I don't think I want to experience that pain.

The trio met with their beauty ambassador (a gorgeous, Brazilian woman with legs a mile long).

She explained to them that Brazilians want to flaunt what they've got. People of every shape and size were sporting their itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie bikinis. I think I would wear my bikini again in Brazil and not even think twice about it.

When Brazilians have plastic surgery, they want you to know. It's sort of like a "look what I just bought". Completely different than in America.

They met with a woman who has had over 40 different plastic surgery procedures. Heidi Montag, watch out! Actually the woman didn't look that bad. She'd actually been married to two plastic surgeons before and she's spent over $60,000 on her work. One of the things the trio noticed about her was something that was not plastic...the hair on her legs. Women in Brazil don't shave their legs. Instead, they have a treatment called a "golden shower" to bleach the hair on their legs. Let me just say that I died laughing. If you don't know what an American "golden shower" is, well, it doesn't mean bleaching the hairs on your legs.

They also met with a woman who spent money on a boob job rather than providing a better place to live for her and her daughter. She plans to teach her daughter that looks are the most important thing. Wow!

The trio then received a samba lesson and were invited to show off their new samba moves at a party. Jess stated that the samba was all about making your "booty clap".

Jessica got to step out of her comfort zone and dance her little heart out.
I have to say that I thought this was the best episode yet. I am dying to go to Brazil!! The Carnival costumes were so beautiful. I want to dance around in one.

Next week is the final episode and the trio heads into a high school in Los Angeles to talk to high school girls. I cannot wait to hear what they say.

Your thoughts??


Cee said...

I'll have to watch this one! I've always wanted to go to Brazil too...not sure about all that plastic surgery though! Kinda crazy!

jill said...

love those costumes!!! and the girl in the bikini makes me want to break every mirror in my house. ha! :)

Laura Brown said...

I loved how Ken was getting into that dancing! haha!

~jacquelyn said...

ken dancing was absolutely the funniest ever, he's so IN to whatever they're doing! love the show!

Mrs. Bear said...

I still have yet to watch this show...but I am definitely going to catch the reruns!

The Holmes said...

I saw the previews of Ken getting the wax but I haven't had time to sit down and watch it yet! I definitely will not be missing next weeks. Can't wait to hear what the high school girls have to say!

Katie said...

i've never seen it, but have wanted to since i heard about it! when does it come on so i can try and catch some?

that's NUTS about all their plastic surgeries!!!

Samantha Levang said...

I'm so glad you do a recap of this show. I think I say this every week, but I love Jessica Simpson! I was definitely a faithful follower of The Newlyweds.

Shelby Bukhenik said...

Oh those Brazilian ladies!!

Denise said...

I'm Brazilian born and raised, and I can say some of that was right, and some were... well, not what the majority do. It's true that plastic surgery isn't a big deal but I only have 2 friends that have had something done: one had a nose job, and the other one had implants (she was flat like a guy). Both those girls were well-off and had the money to do it, I don't know anyone who would rather do plastic surgery than buy themselves a house (crazy much?).
About the golden shower, the majority of people only do that to places they don't shave like arms etc. EVERY girl I know shave/wax their legs.

Jenny DB said...

I have NOT seen this show yet but your post makes me want to watch it. I will have to DVR tho because I KNOW Joe will not go for this :) that is pretty funny about the golden shower reference, i'm sure the producers were chuckling!

Holly said...

I love this show. I think it is so cute!

Holly said...

I love this show! I think it is so cute.