Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Price of Beauty Recap: Japan

Last night, Jessica, Ken and CaCee traveled to Japan in search of beauty.

The trio met with their beauty ambassador

They visited a spa and had an interesting rock walk, a fish pedicure and were buried in sand. No thanks!

CaCee and Jessica learned how to be Geishas. Being a Geisha looked very hard, especially the walk. It takes 5 years to perfect the Geisha way.
The trio visited a Harajuku (yes, the word made popular by Gwen Stefani in America) store
And they had a fashion show to showcase all of the ways to be beautiful in Japan
We also learned about Japanese women having a medical procedure to make their eyes bigger. The Japanese eye is so beautiful to me. The trio spoke with a woman who was talking to a doctor about the surgery. Very eye opening, literally.

I loved this episode! I would prefer to be a Harajuku woman as opposed to a Geisha. There was this one blonde, Harajuku girl dressed in a pink dress and I wanted to take her and sit her on my shelf. She was just too cute.

Have you caught on yet?


Aly @ Analyze This said...

I've always wanted to try the fish pedicure! And being buried in sand looks kind of fun, too! Great recap!

Go East Memphis Mama said...

I thought it was really funny!

French lover said...

I LOVE this show (now that I can finally get my hands on it in France). It always end up laughing & tearing up.

Shelby Bukhenik said...

The fish pedicure creeps me out a bit, but if Jess can do so can I!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Heyy girly! I just came across your blog and love it! The price of beauty is one of my favs as well!

xo you now have a new follower

Leslie said...

I would try the fish pedicure, but I am sure I would squirm the whole time! Fun episode! Thanks for the recap!

Angie S said...

I need to go set my TiVo right now. I have been wanting to watch this, but keep forgetting about it. It looks fun.

Stephanie said...

I have watched this episode three times now - I think that its soo funny when they are doing the rock walk, I have walked that same way many times when I have stepped on something in bare feet!!! If anyone has not seen the clip - look it up on YouTube - so F U N N Y!!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

I love this show!! It's definitely on my DVR. Ken's high-heeled boots were a bit disturbing, but it was a fun episode!