Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This May Spoil It for You

Kelsey at The Seattle Smith's is skipping Wishful Wednesday this week; so, let me warn you...this post may be a spoiler for some.

Did you watch "The Biggest Loser" finale last night?

I was so upset. Koli was totally robbed and he so would have won! He lost 215lbs! Koli, I voted for you.

I was happy to see Michael win because he's worked so hard at losing 264lbs. I am really just glad that he beat Ashley and most of all Daris.

Daris' first girlfriend didn't look too happy to be called out. Or too happy for him. I wonder if she's just a fame seeker?

Can you believe Sam and Stephanie are still together? I think she was totally expecting a proposal. She actually looked great. But, what was up with Sam? Is he a security guard at night?

I was a little disappointed in Shay's weight loss. Seriously, only 52 pounds?! If Subway was offering me $1,000 per pound, I would have lost at least 100 pounds. You know she's got nutritionists and trainers. I'll be interested to see if she and Subway Jared actually run the marathon they've promised. She had better do it to double her money. What an opportunity of a lifetime?!

Sherry looked amazing, but Drea and Migdalia simply wasted their time being on the show. Why put in all of that time and effort if you're only going to lose 50 pounds? I think Drea was even a little embarrassed to step on the scale.

Melissa looked like a man. And why does Sunshine remind me of Jordin Sparks? In my opinion, Sherry won Best Dressed.

So, who were you impressed with? Who do you think should have won?

I'm really looking forward to Jillian Michaels' new show, "Losing It with Jillian". It will premiere next Tuesday, June 1. I'm excited to have something on tv to watch.

Besides Jillian's show, "The Bachelorette", and "Big Brother", is there anything I need to be watching on tv this summer? Anything I should rent?

In other news, I attended my 75th Jazzercise class of the year yesterday. Only 75 more to go to reach my goal! I kinda slacked and took the month of April off, but now, I'm back.

And for my Memphis girls, I read on Hungry Girl's Twitter that she will be in Memphis tomorrow (May 27). She'll be at the Borders on Poplar at 7pm. Anyone want to go?


Neely said...

I need to jump on the biggest loser bandwagon

Mrs. Hesson said...

So You Think You Can Dance starts this Thursday :)

Candice said...

OMG! I can't believe I didn't watch this! I am so mad at myself. I haven't watched the last few weeks and I guess I forgot this was the finale! I want to see everyone! I can't believe Shay only lost that much either! I was expecting her to blow this out of the water! Thanks so much for you updates cause I feel like I have watched it now. But dang it I hate I didn't get to see everyone!

Go East Memphis Mama said...

I love Hungry Girl! I wish I was there already so I could go with you:(

Cee said...

I was sad Koli didn't make it to the final 3...I voted for him too, but good for Michael! But what was up with that belt? Sherry looked amazing!

Shelby Bukhenik said...

UGH now I am mad I didn't vote for Koli!! I wanted him to win, he is adorable!!

I know its great that michael lost so much, but he kind of annoyed me and just don't know why!

Drea was DEFINITELY embarrassed, looked like she was going to cry.

Sherry looked better than her daughter, kind of sad.

Candice Lynn said...

I LOVE the Biggest Loser! I just watched the end after we got back from dinner but it's waiting on the DVR for me when I get home next week :)

When does Big Brother start?? I LOVE Big Brother. Can't wait for it to come on.

Aly @ Analyze This said...

I love BL!! I can't recall all the names, so forgive me...but Michael's Mom and Stephanie looked so beautiful!

What was up with Michaels large, CZ skull and cross belt buckle?! Umm, hello BLING!!!

Heather said...

I voted for Darius, he just melts my heart, he's a stud now too!!

I love the Michael won, he deserved it.

Jules said...

The finale was really good last night and I agree with just about everything that you said. I thought Melissa looked horrible. I watched it in HD and it was not kind to her. Michael amazes me and I was really proud of him. Stephanie looked great, but Sam kind of did look a little odd.

I also agree with what you said about Shay and I can’t believe they’re giving her $1,000/pound and now the incentive with the marathon. We’ll see if she does it.

I’ll be watching The Bachelorette. One of my favorite summer shows is So You Think You Can Dance on Fox. It’s kind of like a dance version of American Idol and really good.

Jen said...

I love this show! Stephanie looked amazing. I think Michael did deserve it; he looks fantastic

Totally agree on drea!

Courtney Rogers said...

Can you believe since we flew home on Monday (thinking it was still the weekend), I totally forgot Tuesday night was actually the last espisode. And to top it off, I don't have DVR and I tuned into the last 15 minutes of the live show. Needless to say, I missed all the good stuff!!!!

Nishant said...

I didn't watch this!
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