Monday, November 29, 2010

We Gobbled It Up

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. We did. Here's a quick recap:

Wednesday: For our 4th "date-versary" we dined at Buffalo Wild Wings went to see the new Harry Potter movie! We're very simple. The movie was great and I am looking forward to the next installment. (The movie was good, but very dark. I wouldn't recommend for younger kids).

Thursday: I went to the 7th Annual "Huff N Puff" before you stuff at Jazzercise to kick of my Thanksgiving morning. I ran home, got ready and we rushed over to my parents for Thanksgiving lunch. We had a great time, but the highlight was playing "Michael Jackson: The Experience" on the Wii (my friend, Mason, brought it over). You MUST get! After lunch, we ran over to Fred's parents for Thanksgiving dinner. We had a great time with both families.

Smithwick's on Thanksgiving {don't laugh, it was raining and this was after two Thanksgiving meals}

Friday: Like I told y'all, I stay in until about noon and then I hit the stores. We found lots of great things! Everything at Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft was 40% off and I managed to score my very own "Michael Jackson: The Experience". We ended the night with a great dinner with our friends Sam and Leslie.

Saturday: Saturday was a lot like Friday. We hit up a different mall for more savings. The highlight of this day was when my alma mater, University of South Florida, beat the University of Miami in football! Go Bulls!
Sunday: We went to church and then we headed home to start decorating for Christmas. Fred was in charge of the outside and I took over the inside. I'll post some pictures later this week, but it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around the Smithwick house!

What did you do?


Miss Chelsea said...

thumbs up on the date-versary restaurant choice!

Mateya said...

Yay for BWW! We actually made the hour trek to the big city to eat there this weekend too haha! It's so pathetic, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures! We had been craving it!

Can't wait to see the Christmas decorations!

ty said...

I pretty much wear Toms with EVERYTHING ... but I'm a big bum :)

ty said...

They're like, $50, and pretty smooshy. Don't wear em in rain, though ... smells awful and your feet get soggy.

Leah said...


Jessica said...

I'm so glad you said that about the HP movie, it was pretty dark. I wish someone would have told the kids parents in front of us. He cried the wholllleeee time. ARGH

Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

Rachel said...

LOVED Harry Potter.. see my previous post haha.

Marian said...

I thought the same thing about Harry Potter. I loved it, but didn't know how little kids would be able to handle it!! I'm so excited for the last one...though I wish it wasn't the last. Sigh:)