Friday, January 29, 2010

Ice, Ice Baby!

It's official: I am home from work because of the bad weather. In Memphis, we hardly ever get snow, but when we do, ice is usually always incorporated. Ice causes the biggest problem.

I woke up as usual and started getting ready for work. My dad called at about 6:45am and told me to wait to go in until 8am. In the meantime, I broke out the "30 Day Shred" instead of going back to sleep for 30 minutes. Yay!

Now, I am sitting on my couch and working in my pjs. Thankfully I brought home my computer and paperwork. And I am happy to know my workout is over.

It's been a LONG time since I've had a day at home. We're usually on the go on the weekends. So, I am going to take advantage of the day and spend it with my two favorite boys. Hopefully, we'll be able to play in some snow later.

Hope your weather isn't too bad where you live. Stay warm. Any good ideas for a snow day?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Men Are from Mars

A conversation from yesterday:

Me: If you could spend 3 minutes in anyone's shoes, who would it be?
Fred: You. So I could see what it was like being married to the coolest guy in the world.
Me: Wow.
Fred: Wait, I'd want to be you when you're on your period. That way you can never say, "You just don't understand!".
Me: Thanks!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wishful Wednesday: Three Minutes

'I wish' .... I could spend three minutes in Oprah Winfrey's shoes!
I really had to think long and hard about this one. Three minutes isn't that long in the scheme of things (even though when you're doing the 3 minutes of cardio in "The Shred", it feels like eternity). There are so many people I would like to spend 3 minutes in their shoes, but I chose Oprah for many reasons:

1. Everything she touches turns to gold. The woman has turned ordinary people into celebrities overnight.
2. With her "Favorite Things" show, she has made unknown items household names.
3. She has touched the lives of millions around the world.
4. She has enough money to travel and do what she wants.
5. She has a personal trainer, chef, maids, etc.
6. She's friends with Cesar Millan, Rachael Ray, Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz.
7. Everyone wants to tell her their side of the story.
8. And I bet she has really NICE shoes.

This woman has it all. She is amazing. I truly believe that she is the most powerful woman in America if not the entire world. I know she works hard every day. And I would love to take over her talk show when she leaves. :) I'd love to spend just three minutes in her shoes.

To participate in "Wishful Wednesday", head over to The Seattle Smith's.

Edited for Content

I wore my shoes all day yesterday. They didn't bother me at work too much. They felt a little weird on my pinkie toe, but other than that, they were fine. I wore to Jazzercise yesterday and that was a BAD idea. I do not recommend wearing them on concrete surfaces with thin carpeting on top. My feet were also sweating so bad. Needless to say, I packed my tennis shoes this morning. I will try running/walking in the shoes and I plan on wearing them to Pilates when I start that in February. I'll keep you posted on how they work.

And I have to show you these pictures of Miss Piggy that my mom saw in Miami (they have been edited):
She's changed her name to Mizz Piggy and is now pretending that she's Janet Jackson in Miami. So sad.

It's Tuesday; so, that means it's time for Ten on Tuesday hosted by Chelsea at Roots and Rings.
1. What accomplishment are you most proud of?
I am proud of myself for my weight loss. I had accepted that I would be a size 12 and got on with my life. My weight never kept me from doing anything, but I wasn't taking care of myself. I am proud of myself for losing 35lbs. It still is a journey and I'd still like to lose a little more. But this was something that only I could do and I did it.

2. How much did you weigh when you were born?
I weighed 5lbs. 15 oz. and I was 21" long. Yes, I was a supermodel.

3. What is your favorite perfume?
I love Stella by Stella McCartney. But I got her new fragrance, Nude, for Christmas and I love it.

4. How many siblings do you have?
Zero - unless you could Willie, my parents long-haired, miniature dachshund

5. How many children would you like to have? (Or how many do you have?)
I think one, two or three. We'll see.

6. What’s the best class you took in college?
Communication as Performance. We had a great class and our teacher was great. We mainly did improv the entire class.

7. What was your favorite game to play when you were a child?
I loved playing Life. It was the best game ever.

8. What character on Friends are you most like?
Monica - I am a little neurotic. I had a book for my wedding like she had. But, I don't like to clean, that's why I have a maid.

9. Are you a phone person? (ie: Do you like talking on the phone?)
No. I only talk to my mom, dad, grandfather, and mother-in-law on the phone. If you want to know something, text, Facebook, email me.

10. What was the best vacation you ever took?
I had a GREAT time in Cancun, but the best trip I ever took was my Contiki trip around Europe after college graduation. My best friend, Laura, and I went. I met so many great people and I learned so much about myself. It was great to see so many sights and get to experience different cultures. We went from London to Athens, Greece in 28 days. It was amazing. My only regret was that I didn't take my parents offer to continue on another trip for another month. I was just so ready to come home.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Manic Monday

First off, I want to wish my mom a very Happy Birthday! She's my best friend and she's the most amazing woman I have ever met! I hope to be as great of a wife and mother as she has been. She's definitely my hero. I love you, Mommy!
So, did you all have a good weekend? We did. Saturday, we dropped my parents off at the airport and went to eat breakfast at Brothers Juniper's. Yummy! We spent most of the day relaxing. It was so nice. Yesterday, we took my grandfather to Cracker Barrel and had another relaxing day. After eating two delicious meals for breakfast over the weekend, I didn't want any cereal this morning. So, I decided to make the Hungry Girl Muffin Lovin. Click here for recipe. The muffin was wonderful and tasted just like McDonald's Egg McMuffin. I used liquid egg whites. I will definitely make this again.

Fred and I also purchased some interesting looking shoes. They're Vibram FiveFingers Shoes. Your toes fit right into the toe slots. It takes some getting used to, but it feels like you're barefoot. I wanted a neutral color so they didn't stand out more than they already do. Supposedly they are also good for running, fitness training, yoga, pilates, boating, etc.. I am nervous about trying them, but I am going to give them a try at Jazzercise today. Have you seen these?

Speaking of Jazzercise, they're having a ONE day sale TODAY ONLY! You get 10 months for $20 a month plus enrollment fee. Click here to find a class in your area.
You'd think with all of these advertisements in my blog today that I was getting paid, but I'm not. I just wanted to share a couple of great things I've found to make your 2010 a better year. Happy Monday, all!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Working for the Weekend

I haven't stepped on my scale in weeks. This morning I got it out and to my surprise, I'd lost the 3lbs. I gained over the holiday. I'd still like to lose 10 more, but this is a start. My whole agenda is not necessarily to lose weight, but to be healthier.

This week was my first week of trying to eat better. I bought some Fage Greek yogurt at Whole Foods and it was AMAZING. I tried the strawberry one and it was very filling and delicious. It was better than Yoplait. I heard that the plain Fage yogurt was good and that you could add some whey protein to it to make it flavorful. I might have to try that.

I also got caught up on "The Biggest Loser" and I am dying to make Curtis Stone's Chicken Caccitore recipe. It sounded so yummy and healthy. I can't wait to make it this weekend and post it on Cookbook Jungle. How I wish Curtis Stone lived in my kitchen!

So, after I posted about my sweet tooth, this container of chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate covered raisins and dark chocolate pieces with sprinkles appeared. Sprinkles and chocolate are my weakness. When I go for ice cream, my cup looks like something a 5-year-old would order. I've already eaten 4 of the chocolate covered raisins. Eeek! Someone take this away or remove my sweet tooth immediately. (I'd better not say that too loudly. We once had an employee who pulled her tooth with a pair of pliers at work. Ugh!)

When I got to work this morning, one of my co-workers gave me a $25 Logan's Roadhouse gift certificate just because. He found them at his house. Not a bad way to start off the morning!

And I have to tell you about Knox this morning. I literally had to drag him out of the bed this morning. He was looking at me like, "Woman, don't you know that I am sleeping". This happens a lot. But, Fred and I took him in the den, placed him on the couch and wrapped a blanket on top of him. He was asleep within a minute. Must be nice to sleep while your mom and dad head off to work.

I am so happy that it's Friday! We're celebrating my mom's birthday tonight since she and my dad will be in Miami on her real birthday. Lucky!

I have to get caught up on my Tivo this weekend. It's 85% full. Oops!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Sweet Tooth Needs to Be Pulled

Oh, I am so relieved to know that I am not the only one who wants to be at home all of the time. Thank you for all of your kind words. I always do this. I think I don't want to go, then I go and I have a great time. You think I would have learned by now.

So, I went to Bunco and I had a great time! It was great talking with everyone and getting to know those I didn't know. I didn't really master the game, but I did win "Big Bunco" once and I got to wear the pearl necklaces. And I wasn't the winner of the night, but I did have fun! It was great just to get together and catch up. We even found out that one of the girls is expecting! How exciting?! I would definitely go again if they asked.

I am glad I went. It got me out of my comfort zone and I tried new things other than Bunco. Two of the new things I tried were:

Chick-fil-A's Chick-n-Minis

Have you tried these? They were absolutely delicious! I only had 2 mini's and 1 cake ball and some fruits and veggies, but I could have eaten a ton more. Thank goodness there isn't a Chick-fil-A near work or I'd be in BIG trouble.

And I am going to have to make these cake balls this weekend! I need my sweet tooth pulled ASAP!

But, I must tell you about my blonde moment: There were M&M's (my weakness) sitting on the card tables and I thought they were for keeping score, but I was quickly informed that they were for eating. I liked them better when they were for keeping score. Oops! I had to have a handful then.

**If you live near or around the Millington, TN area, I just found out that Chick-fil-A pulled a permit to put in a store. Yay! I will soon be able to have these mini's at lunch!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Do You Bunco?

One of my resolutions, that I didn't mention, was to be a better friend. I have to admit it. I have an excuse for everything. I hate it, but I do. It's not even because I don't like someone or don't want to go or do something specific. I am just weird like this. I like to stay at home and watch tv and go to bed at 10pm. If you hate me now and want to stop following, I'll understand.

Well, I've been tested. I've been invited to sub in a Bunco game tonight. I've never played and I don't even know what it is. I was invited by a friend of mine, who I haven't seen in quite some time, and luckily, I know most of the other ladies playing. Normally, I would have said "no" to the Bunco game, but I thought that I needed to try something different and step out of my comfort zone. I even told her that I didn't know how to play and that I would be coming straight from Jazzercise and I might smell. (See, I think I was trying to find excuses). Since neither of these issues were a problem, I've agreed to play. I think knowing most of the other ladies helped. I am nervous and excited because I don't know what to expect. Do you Bunco? Are there any tips?

There's no use in hiding anymore. Now you know my deep, dark secret. Don't hate me!

P.S. Mason would like to thank each of you for his comments. Tommy is here to stay. And he's not weird for naming his knight Tommy. There's a story behind it.

Wishful Wednesday: Gown

'I wish' .... I could have worn the gown that Anna Paquin wore at the 67th Annual Golden Globes Award!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Stella McCartney and if I was a big time celeb, I definitely would wear one of her creations. I absolutely love this gold dress that she made for Anna. It's classy and fun! I also think it would look great with my blonde hair and skin tone and her figure. (If I had photo shop, I would put my head in this pic)

Though many of the other dresses were quite beautiful, I would choose this one for me.

These two dresses would have been my back ups:

What dress would you have worn? Visit The Seattle Smith's and tell us.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh, What a Knight

Last night Fred and I went to dinner with two of my friends from high school. We met over at our friend Mason's new house to see how the decorating was coming along and upon entering his house, we saw this:
Yes, that's "Tommy" the knight. I have my opinion of the knight, but Mason wanted me to ask my female bloggers for their opinions. So, what do you think about his knight as a decoration?

FYI: Mason is a 27-year-old, single, male who has his own house, car and a job.
Today's "Ten on Tuesday" hosted by Roots and Rings is addressing the topic of books. Click here to play along.

1. Favorite book(s) when you were a child and why?
"Rags" - It was about this dog who chased away robbers from his grocery store.

2. First “grown-up” book you remember reading (i.e. written for adolescents or with adult themes, such as The Outsiders or Catcher in the Rye).
For some reason, "To Kill a Mockingbird" comes to mind. Great book!

3. Favorite movie that came from a book (even if you didn’t read the book and just love the movie).
"A Walk to Remember" by Nicholas Sparks. The book was phenomenal and the movie was good. It makes me cry every time.

4. Movie that you loved so much that you WISHED there was a book out so that you could find out more about the movie.
"The Wedding" by Nicholas Sparks. I remember finishing this book in a doctors office and I was just crying so hard.

5. Worst book you’ve ever read?
"As Long as She Needs Me" by Nicholas Weinstock. It wasn't what I was expecting.

6. Book that everyone raves about that you either a) haven’t read and feel slightly dumb for not having read it or b) have tried to read and hated and so feel slightly dumb that everyone is getting something you don’t.
"Harry Potter" - My husband loves these and so does everyone else. I just don't get the attraction.

7. If you were forced to choose only 3 books that you could read for the rest of your life, which ones would they be? (Or if you were stranded on a desert island, which 3 books would you want there with you?).
The Bible, "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch and "The Wedding" by Nicholas Sparks.

8. Name one book that if you could recommend that everyone you know read, what is it?
(From Chelsea: I’m going to make a late rule here that says “The Bible” doesn’t count because obviously I wish everyone would read this book!)
"The Last Lecture" It will make you think about your life in a whole new perspective.

9. What is your “guilty pleasure” reading?
Chick Lit. I love it. Some of my favorites authors are: Emily Giffin, Nicholas Sparks, Jennifer Weiner and Lauren Weisberger.

10. What book (excepting the Bible or other major document of your religion/faith) has changed your outlook on life the most?
"The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. You will have a new aspect on life and love after reading this book. What an amazing story. It's an easy/quick read.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Is Today a Holiday?

A lot of you may have the day off, but I am working today. Boo hoo! Am I the only one working?

If you have not tried these bad boys yet, you must! These blueberry muffins from Fiber One are delicious! I found out about them from Megan at Sugar and Spice. I used Egg Beaters (I am obsessed) instead of eggs to make them and they were still tasty! I highly recommend these instead of some of the other brands out there.

Yesterday, Fred and I went to Whole Foods. This was the first time that I had been to a store like this. I was overwhelmed, scared and excited all at the same time. Some of the food was scary. Mostly because I had never seen anything like it in my life before. I am trying to eat better and this was a step in the right direction. Maybe Sunday wasn't the best day to go because the place was packed and I felt like I was rushed to get through each aisle. So, after we left there, I had Fred take me to my trusty ole Kroger to get things that were on my list that Whole Foods did not carry. (the muffins mentioned above came from Kroger not Whole Foods) I am willing to give the store another try when it's less crowded. Do you guys shop at places like this? If so, what do you buy?

Did anyone watch the Golden Globes last night? I didn't but all I really care about are the dresses:
L to R: Emily Blunt(love the pink), Marion Cotillard (not cute), Tina Fey (not best dressed), Sandra Bullock (beautiful color) and Olivia Wilde (not doing it for me) I love Amy Poehler's red dress!
And I LOVE Anna Paquin's Stella McCartney dress! But who doesn't love Sookie Stackhouse?

Who was the best dressed in your opinion?

Happy Monday!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Adoringly, Lovey Dovey

Happy Friday, everyone! I am so glad to see the weekend only hours away!

So, last night at Jazzercise, I pulled a muscle in my quad. It hurt so bad; so, I came home, took some Alieve and put the heating pad on it. I must say that it feels 85% better today. It's probably from all of those darn squats Jillian is having me do. Fred says that I am not allowed to do the "Shred" or go to Jazzercise today. Bummer. But, I am going to listen to him and take it easy. I certainly don't want to do anymore damage to it.

Thank you to Tiff at Project 365 for reviewing the "Hungry Girl Cookbook". I am thinking about going to get it this weekend. Everything just sounds so delicious. I might even have to grab HG's "200 Under 200" cookbook while I am at it!

Also, thanks to my friend, Leslie, at Leslie and Sam for telling me that Jillian is coming out with her own yoga dvd. It's titled "Yoga Meltdown" and it comes out in late February. I might just wait for her yoga dvd.

Ok, so, I've been seeing this pop up everywhere: Yes, that would be Jessica Simpson and Billy Corgan (former lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins). Supposedly they're dating. Odd. He's no John Mayer, but I do love the song "1979" from way back in the day. I must say that I absolutely love this picture. There is something "adoringly, lovey dovey" about it. She's even "tweeted" that "He braids my prayers". What does that mean? I love Jess and I hope she finds someone who makes her truly happy. What are your thoughts on this new couple?

And who's ready for the Golden Globes on Sunday night? I really don't care about the awards, just the dresses and jewelry!

Happy Weekend! And say a little prayer for those involved in the earthquake in Haiti.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Price of Beauty

Since Fred and I have been watching Nip/Tuck on dvd and Heidi Montag just admitted that she's addicted to plastic surgery, I thought I'd touch on the subject of plastic surgery.

First off, I do not see anything wrong with plastic surgery if you want to reconstruct or enhance yourself, especially when you're older. I don't think I could ever do it, but I don't judge people who do. Well, maybe I won't want to look at ALL of my wrinkles at 75, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. :) I'd love to have the "quick fix" of lipo, but I think it's better for me if I work it off and try to eat better!

It is just so sad that these 20-somethings are going in and getting all of this work done and completely changing the way they look. Heidi was a beautiful girl. Now, she just looks, well, plastic. It's really sad. And to be "addicted" at such a young age (23) is not a good thing. Well, at least I don't think it is. She had 10 procedures in 1 day. That can't be good for your body and the recovery must be horrific!

According to Fox News, she has had: a nose job revision, chin reduction, mini brow lift, Botox in her forehead and frown area, fat injections in her cheeks, nasolabial folds and lips, neck liposuction, ear pinning, liposuction on her waist, hips, inner and outer thighs, buttock augmentation and breast augmentation revision.

What?! She is a stick and she got liposuction. So, ladies all of this hard work that we've been spending at the gym or at home doing our "Shred" to get bodies like her's might not get us that Heidi Montag body because her's is fake. In order to have Heidi's body, we too need to go and have plastic surgery. I wonder how many other coveted celebrity bodies are fake?

Do you think she's gone too far? Would you consider this?

Also, please don't forget to vote for Knox in Bissell's MVP Pet Photo Contest here. Today is the last day to vote. Thank you to all of you who have voted for him!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Moving on to Level 2

I broke out the "30 Day Shred" last night and tried Level 2. I actually thought Level 2 was a bit easier than Level 1. I enjoyed the cardio more. All of the planks sucked, but hopefully, it'll be worth it.

I feel Level 2 more in my traps (back) and my legs (hamstrings). I thought I would feel it more in my abs, but I don't. Hmmm. Maybe I didn't squeeze hard enough?

I died laughing when Jillian said something about wanting me to feel like I was dying because I was. Level 2 was not easy by any means, but it was a nice break from Level 1's pain. I think I may alternate between the two and add in Level 3 for variation. If you do one level for too long, your muscles will get used to the routines and it will be harder for you to see results.

This dvd is also great because they have a person doing the beginner motions and one doing the more advanced version. I think both versions will provide you with a workout that you're comfortable with and one that will show results.
I've been wanting to get back into yoga, but there aren't any classes offered around me. So, I'm also thinking about getting "The Biggest Loser - The Workout: Weight Loss Yoga". Does anyone have this? Let me know.

As I mentioned on Monday, I loved the Spinach, Tomato, Feta and Egg Wrap from Starbucks. Well, last night for dinner, I made the Hungry Girl version and it was even better than the Starbucks version and it's less than 200 calories. Fred really enjoyed it as well.

I'm also thinking of purchasing this cookbook since I am in love with Hungry Girl. Does anyone have it?

In other news, Tennessee's head football coach has left to take a head coaching position at USC. Since Jim Leavitt from South Florida, my alma mater, was fired last week, I hope Tennessee doesn't pick him up or else I'd be forced to like Tennessee. Ugh! Does it make me a bad wife if I don't care for the school where my husband played basketball?

Is it Friday yet?

Wishful Wednesday: Entrepreneur

'I wish' .... I had the start up funds to build that company I have always dreamt about, and it would be a Custom Invitation Company!

I absolutely love invitations. I think they're beautiful and sophisticated. I absolutely loved creating my wedding program and invitation. If I had all of the tools, I'd love to have a store specializing in custom invitations.

If you live in Memphis and you've been to RSVP Stationers, that's the type of store I would love to own.

I love looking at stationary and seeing the potential. I am a very good proofreader. I think I "proofed" my program and invitation thousands of times. I have a friend who works for a local ad agency and I love to proofread her work for her. It might be a sickness.

There is just something about receiving a cute invitation in the mail. It makes me happy.

If I had my store, I would recommend Natasha at Southern Paperie to help with addressing the envelopes. She does a great job! I absolutely love her "Miller" font!

So, what kind of company would you want to start? Submit your answers to The Seattle Smith's.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I am still sore. I don't know if it was the "30 Day Shred" or a combo of the dvd and Jazzercise (because after last Monday's class my legs were so sore). It hurts to walk, sit, stretch, etc. I was planning on Jazzercise tonight, but I want to be able to walk and function at my ADPi Alumnae meeting. My friend, Melissa, told me that level two was all about the plank position. I might try that next. I definitely could use some work on my abs. I'll try it and let y'all know.

We are trying to do better by eating at home more; so, last night Fred grilled steaks and scallops. We used the Williams-Sonoma Spicy Chipotle rub and it gave the meat such a great flavor. I highly recommend you get some.

I also watched "The Biggest Loser" from last week and was so moved by the episode that I made brownies. FAIL! One of my goals this year was to clean out my pantry which meant that I had to bake the brownies. Right? They at least made my legs feel better.

Anyway, here's this weeks "Ten for Tuesday" hosted by Chelsea at Roots and Rings.

1. Are you usually late, early, or right on time?
I am usually early or right on time. I hate being late for something unless it's something that I don't want to go to.

2. What is your middle name?
Legally - Brown, but I was given the middle name "Elizabeth" and changed it to my maiden name when I got married.

3. What are the last 4 digits of your cell phone number?
6975 (I had to think about this one. I never call myself.)

4. How big is your bed?
A queen. We could sure use a king size bed since Fred is 6'6". But, I had the bed before we were married.

5. What are you allergic to?
Nothing. I guess I'm lucky.

6. What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Turn the alarm off and get in the shower.

7. What was your favorite TV show growing up?
That would be a toss up between "Saved by the Bell", "Full House" and "Golden Girls".

8. Will you, or did you, go to your 10 year high school reunion?
My 10 year reunion is coming up this year. I am not sure if I will go or not. With blogs and Facebook, it's so much easier and cheaper to keep in touch. Did you guys go?

9. If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it still make a sound?

10. What, in your opinion, is the greatest invention? (You know, since sliced bread…)
Electricity. Without it, our computers, heaters, phones, lights, etc. couldn't work. Thank you, Thomas Edison!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I Caved

Well, I did it. I caved in and bought Jillian Michales' "30 Day Shred". I had thirty minutes between the time I got home yesterday and the time when I had to leave for my alumnae association meeting. So, I popped the dvd in and started on Level 1 because that has to be easy, right?

Ugh. I was sweating and tired by the time I was done. I my buns and thighs are sore today. And I just did LEVEL 1.

I like to think that I work out hard at Jazzercise, but Jillian kicked my butt! I highly recommend this dvd. It was short and I noticed results in the first day! I am anxious to see what Level 2 and 3 are like.

I also bought Jillian's "No More Trouble Zones" but I haven't opened it yet. I am a little scared. I found both of these at Costco for $7.99 each.

So, we had a low key weekend around our house. We finished season 3 of "Nip/Tuck"; so, now on to season 4. Love that show!! I wasn't feeling to well Friday and Saturday; so, I lounged on the couch with the heating pad a lot. Knox liked the heating pad too. I had it on my tummy and he was on top of that. Yeah, don't mind my pain. It was just too sweet to ask him to move.

I did try a Spinach, Tomato, Fetta 'n Egg Wrap from Starbucks. It was wonderful. I found Hungy Girl's version here and I plan on making those sometime soon. Delicious!

I hope everyone else had a great weekend. I am so excited because the highs are going to be in the 40's this week! Heat wave!!

Happy Monday!

P.S. Don't forget to vote for Knox here. Thanks!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Jillian Michaels Is Stalking Me

I think Jillian Michaels is stalking me. Yes, THE Jillian.

The past two times I have been to my beloved Target, I've picked up her "30 Day Shred" walked around the store with it and left it at the cashier before checking out.

Yesterday, when Jazzercise was closed due to the snow, I thought, "If I had the '30 Day Shred', I could do that today." But, I don't have it. It's still at Target. Ugh.

So, I ran to Walgreens at work and there was a "Self" magazine that kept staring at me (the one with Carrie Underwood on the cover). So, I bought it. As soon as I got back to my desk, I opened it and read where Jillian is Carrie's trainer, kind of. Carrie says, "Jillian Michaels' videos will kick your butt. She's my trainer, and she doesn't even know it."

Then, I kept flipping through and low and behold, there is an exercise tutorial by Jillian on page 105. The title is "Let Me Train You!" Do you think she's trying to tell me something?

Fine, Jillian, I will go to Target and buy your stupid dvd this weekend. Geez!!

I haven't even watched "The Biggest Loser" from this week, but Jillian never hides from me.

If you know Jillian, please tell her I love her and that I would love for her to train me, pro bono of course.

Other Things:
1. "Pro Bono" is my new word. We've been watching seasons of "Nip/Tuck" and that word is stuck in my head.
2. Thank you for voting for Knox!!!
3. USF just fired their entire football coaching staff. I am not happy about this!!! Jim Leavitt, I will miss you and your spiky, blonde hair!
4. Facebook just told me that I need to reconnect with Fred Smithwick. Stupid! Sure, I'll get right on that!

Please VOTE for Knox

I've entered Knox in Bissell's MVP Pet Photo Contest. Please click the link below to cast your vote for Knox. Thank you!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Average Woman

Reese Witherspoon is just a regular gal. Take a look at these two photos, wouldn't you wear something like that? (although those clothes probably cost a fortune)

It's nice to see a celebrity who dresses like the average woman! Thanks, Reese!

I Guess Snow Dances Really Work

Well, it snowed, but not crazy. It was a mere dust. However, schools around here are closed ("snow" is a bad word and causes everyone in Memphis to freak out). So, I am glad all of the kids are happy! I know you guys up north are laughing at us! I asked my niece and nephew last night if I could come over today and play with them and they even told me that I had to go to work. Bummer!!

Even with the snow, it's still so freaking cold and it's only going to get worse. Here's a pic we took last night before we left my in-laws:Yes, even Knox needed to be bundled up! I let him out this morning and he freaked out about the snow. He would sniff it, step on it and run back to the door. My boy is spoiled and only likes sunshine and warm weather. What can I say? He's like his mother!

So, my sister-in-law found out that she is having a BOY. Yes, Landon Franklin is due May 30. I told y'all that I thought it was a boy! Here's a pic of the little guy:
If you got snow and you're off, enjoy it!! Or if you're where it's sunny and 75, I am so jealous. And since I am a Southern girl, Roll Tide Roll!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby...It's Cold Outside!

12:28PM CST Jan 6, 2010 National Weather Service in Memphis says tonight 100% of snow low 25 degrees,Thursday 90% snow 26 degrees and falling throughout the day with a low of 9 degrees, Friday 17 degrees and flurries.

Well, I'll believe the snow is coming when I see it. Yes, Memphis is expecting snow and all of the school aged children are hyper and anticipating a winter wonderland. But, it's Memphis and it could be sunny and 60 tomorrow. So, we shall see.

I might be a little bit more excited about it, but our work snow policy is "Come to Work". I'm taking my laptop home tonight just in case I am snowed in tomorrow, but chances are not likely. But, if it's going to be this cold, "Let It Snow".

Last year we had some snow and Knox HATED it. He was terrified of it as he is with rain. He said it was cold and that he wanted to be inside.

I am over the cold weather though. I hate the bulky sweaters and dressing in layers. Summer, please come soon!!!

In other news, we're having dinner at my in-laws tonight and my sister-in-law is finding out today the sex of her baby. She says everyone is thinking that it's a girl, but I think it's a boy. So, I'll tell you if it's pink or blue tomorrow.

Keep warm everyone!!!

Wishful Wednesday: Hair

'I wish' .... I had Jessica Simpson's hair/hairstyle.

I know, I know. My Jessica Simpson obsession, but really, she has gorgeous hair. I know that she has a lot of extensions in her hair, but I love her golden locks. Since I am growing my hair out, I want it to look more like her's. Her hair looks great curly or straight. Maybe I need to make friends with Ken Paves, her best friend and hair-stylist.

I haven't had my hair this long since I was in the seventh grade. My mom told me that I looked like a "rock with hair"; so, I cut it. I've had short hair ever since. I tried growing my hair out for my wedding, but it only got to my shoulders. And then I cut it. But since May of 2008, I haven't cut my hair, I've only trimmed it. My hair grows so slow; so, it's taken this long to get this long.

I am also one of these who washes their hair every single day. I hate it, but I can't stand to feel like I have dirty hair. I truly wish that I could just get up and go every morning, but NOOOOOO!

One day, I will have Jessica Simpson hair (and body). One day!

To play along, head over to The Seattle Smith's!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year...New Awards

Wow! It must be a great New Year! I've received THREE awards from TWO of my favorite bloggers!!

I'd like to thank Kelly at Keeping Up with Kelly for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Her blog is great and she's having an awesome giveaway. Please check her out!
And thank you to Natasha at A Day in the Life... for these two Marilyn-esque awards. Like I mentioned in my last post, she has great recipes as well as awesome fitness tips to keep you motivated.

I am tagging:
Chelsea @ Roots & Rings

Lesson Learned

I went to my first workout of the year. Thankfully, it wasn't crowded. I was afraid that there were going to be a lot of newcomers for the new year. After my workout, I was tired and I didn't feel like cooking. So, I ran to our favorite Chinese restaurant for some take-out. We hadn't had it in a while and I had been craving it; so, I thought, "What the heck?!" I got it home and we started eating and it was bad. And by bad, I mean awful. At first, I thought it was just me, but then Fred asked me if it tasted weird. Well, I guess I learned my lesson. Four days into my resolution and I've only cooked once. Now, it's time to get back on track.

Since one of my resolutions was to cook more, I decided to participate in today's "Ten on Tuesday" hosted by Chelsea at Roots and Rings.

1. Are there any movies that inspire you to bake/cook?
"Julie & Julia" made me want to cook, but since I didn't finish watching it until 11pm; so, I decided that it was too late.

2. What’s your favorite food blog and why?
Well, I have one, Cookbook Jungle, so, I am partial to that, but I usually get great recipes from What's for Dinner, A Day in the Life, Sugar and Spice and Simple~But~Delicious.

3. Who’s your favorite celebrity chef?
Rachael Ray. I just love her! And everything I've tried of her's has been delicious. I always love some EVOO!

4. What’s your favorite kitchen tool?
The microwave. I seriously do not know how people lived without one.

5. When it comes to cooking/baking, what’s your specialty?
I'm not sure that I have a specialty. I have to have a recipe and from there, I can cook, but without a recipe, I am out of luck.

6. When in the kitchen, do you wear an apron, if so, any cute ones you’d like to share?
I usually wear an apron if I plan on getting a little messy, which tends to happen often. My mom got me a cute apron last Christmas. I wish I had a pic on here.

7. Is there anything that intimidates you when it comes to baking/cooking?
If I don't know what the word is or where you find the item in the grocery store, I skip it. I am too scared. Plus, I am a picky eater and I get a little scared of things I don't know.

8. What’s the weirdest gadget in your kitchen?
I don't have anything weird. My kitchen is typical.

9. What’s your go-to music for cooking/baking?
When I am cooking, I usually have the television on in the background. I usually have it on the news, but I should probably try the Food Network instead.

10. After several failures, what do you do to motivate yourself to get back in the kitchen to try again?
Thankfully, I haven't had several failures. Maybe one or two. Or maybe because I don't cook that much. But, I would just try something new!

And I will go ahead and admit that I don't cook on Tuesdays or Thursdays. It's supposed to snow here on Thursday; so, Buffalo Wild Wings and "The Biggest Loser" may move to tonight! I can't wait for the new season!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Oops! I Forgot...

Please forgive me for posting twice in the same day but, I forgot to tell you two things...

1. I knew THREE babies born on New Year's Eve 2009. My best friend, Laura, gave birth to Leah. I think she's saying, "No, pictures please." One of my childhood friends, Lauren, gave birth to Libby. And one of my college acquaintances, Kathleen, gave birth to Tucker. Crazy, huh?

2. I made my first Grilled Cheese last night. Fred and I were having Buffalo Chicken Soup for dinner and I wanted to make a grilled cheese to go with it. Now, I can cook, if I have a recipe, but I had to look up how to make a grilled cheese. Sad, huh? This tutorial got me through with the help of Fred coming in halfway through and telling me that I needed to add butter. Hey, I was trying to make it healthier. And yes, I had to use the same tutorial as an 8-year-old. Don't laugh.

Ok, now, I think that's everything.