Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving this Doxie Pillow. Item found here.
I'm loving these prints I just ordered for our master bedroom. I got them here. Don't you just love Etsy?! Tesslya was easy to work with and super fast.
I'm loving that Britney Spears is back (she looks great in the video, but I think she forgot how to dance). The teenage girl comes out in me when a new song or video of her's premieres.

I'm loving that Redbox is giving away a FREE rental to customers by simply "like-ing" them on Facebook.

I'm loving that Memphis in May will be here before we know it. I hope that means good chocolate, beer and waffles!

I'm loving that I had a terrible day yesterday and I had so many wonderful people praying for me. Thank you for your love and support!

What are you loving? Visit Jamie and tell us!


Molly said...

Fun list! Love the prints you ordered off etsy, I could spend hours browsing that site, eek!

Hope you're doing well today friend :)


Jocelyn said...

ahhh, love Memphis in May! Thanks for the tip about One Box! :)

Cait said...

wow thats so great of netflix! love everything you love!

Neely said...

That festival sounds a lot like one we have here in September!

Pigtails and Bowties said...

Thanks for the tip on Redbox's FB ;) BFF and I go there all the time and could use a free rental!!

Don't even get me started on Etsy!! I have a list of about 100 things I want...just need my bank account to agree ;)

Have a great Wednesday!!


Greer's Gossip said...

Hope you have a better day today! I will be praying for you!

Jacqueline said...

Ugh - I was thinking the SAME thing about Brittany's lack of dance skills. What happened to her amazing dance moves?

Ashley said...

Great stuff! I didn't know about the Redbox thing. Gonna have to check that out! Love Britney too! :)

There's No Place Like Memphis Mama said...

Yay I love Britney too! That video gets really weird at the end though.

Laura Brown said...

I love that Doxie pillow!! I can not wait for Memphis in May!

star said...

I love those prints, etsy is amazing! Yes, Britney is back! Her new song is great!

The LaJeunesse Family said...

Sorry you had a bad day yesterday. Praying for you!

The LaJeunesse Family said...

Sorry you had a bad day yesterday. Praying for you!

Caitlin said...

Love your etsy finds, I'm pretty sure I have an etsy addiction! Ha! And yay for Memphis in May! It's my favorite time of year in Memphis! Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!

Caitrin said...

How adorable is that pillow?!?!

Im sorry you had a rough day yesterday :( I hope you have a fabulous wednesday and just know there are plenty of people thinking about you! :)

Natasha said...

everytime i come to memphis in may it is always raining!! why does it do that??? sheesh!

J and A said...

I love that pillow! Do they make a lab one? Must check it out!!! And those pics are great.
I'm sorry you had a bad day. You ok? Hugs. xo

Chicago Cuisine Critique said...

I love etsy! Hoping you are doing better today (definitely feel free to reach out if you need to vent). :)

Mrs. S said...

love those prints you ordered!

Kelly Marie said...

Such a cute print!! Love it! & also thanks for letting me know about redbox on facebook :) have a great day pretty lady!

Mateya said...

Love those cute!

Hope you're having a better day today!

Melissa Jo said...

I'm loving that print, so cute! Etsy definitely is great place to find exactly what your looking for instead of settling at other stores.

Have a great day!

Meredith said...

Found you on Jamie's WILW link-up and I love your blog! I think your dog is what sold me. I have a long-haired black and tan, Peggy Sue. Aren't they wonderful?

Michelle (michabella) said...

I just love etsy... and yes my lil teenage self comes out when I hear Britney songs! I loved the video! But yeah it is weird to see her not really dancing?!

Hope today is a better day! xoxo

Miss Southern Vol said...

OK I just saw a comment of yours saying fred played for TN basketball yes?! I did not know this! When was he there??

jacquelyn said...

isnt redbox fabulous!!!

Beth McC. said...

That pillow is PRECIOUS!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

Cute finds :)

I hope that today is better for you! xoxo

Jessie said...

Thanks for the Red Box tip! I now have a date night planned!

Meagan said...

I hadn't seen the Britney video yet. I like it. Kind of weird though. Looks like the usual Britney dance moves to me. You had a bad day yesterday? :(

jill said...

the pillow ... precious!!! can't wait to see the prints for your room ... gorgeous. hope today was better, friend. always here if you need ANYTHING. xoxo

Jessica said...

Ahh! I hadn't seen Brit's new video until just now! Thanks for posting it!

YOU NEED THAT PILLOW. Tell me you got it!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That pillow is too freaking cute!! And I'm loving Britney! I didn't think the video was the greatest but I'm still a huge fan.

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