Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Guest Blogger: Jocelyn from True Life: We're Married

Today's guest blogger is one of my best blog friends, Jocelyn! She is super sweet and we have so much in common. You MUST check out her blog.

Hi Everyone! I'm Jocelyn from over at True Life: We're Married. I'm excited to be guest blogging for Caroline this week! It took me a while to think about what to blog about and finally I came up with House Hunting. The Mr. and I have recently rented our 720sq foot condo and are moving in with the in-laws to help save some money for our very first home. We've barely started this journey and have already learned so much about house hunting and what we are looking for in our first home.

A few things we've learned:

1. Never buy the nicest house on the block: More than likely it will be hard to sell or you won't make as much money as you hoped when you're ready to sell.

2. You have to give and take: If you want a big kitchen, you might have to sacrifice elsewhere like small bathrooms or yard. It's kinda like wedding planning, you have to spend where it is most important to you.

3. Location! Location! Location!: This is crucial, needs to be in an area of town where you love and that has great home values. In today's market, it's hard to find an area that is keeping it's value as well as others.

4. Be Educated: Make sure you know everything about the house and what's been done to the house (good and bad). Also, learn about other houses for sell or recently sold in the area to know the average price range.

5. Be Prepared to walk away: The Mr. and I LOVE finding a good deal and we've had some pep talks about if the price just isn't right, walk away. Eventually we will find the house of our dreams in the right price and location

6. Be Patient: This goes with point #5. We just need to wait and the right 1st home for us will come along.

Any other great tips you all can provide if you've already gone through buying your first home? We are excited to continue learning and telling all about our journey on the blog. All help and advise is appreciated! :)


Aly @ Analyze This said...

These are GREAT tips! I recently purchased my first home and location was the biggest thing for me. Knowing that this will not be a home I will settle in for many, many years ... I need an environment that was family friendly, good school district, location, etc!

I was lucky enough to have found a home that was flipped! I wasn't expecting hardwood floors, granite counter-tops or crown molding in my first home! But hey, I lucked out!

Give and take - GREAT advice!!

Wonderful guest post! Enjoyed it! :)

Ashley said...

these are some great tips!!

My husband and I are currently in the market for a home. It is a little disheartening when you lose the contract to another offer, but I know the right home will come along.

give and take is a BIG thing to keep in mind. Being a first time home buyer, it can be a little daunting and overwhelming. Thankfully the husband has done this before lol!

We are big into the areas too -- we have VERY specific perameters for where we are willing to live. It has been frustrating so far, but we keep pushing forward.

Great guest post!

Beth Wilson said...

Wonderful tips for first-time home buyers! A few attention to surroundings: what is next door or down the street? Is it safe for children to place outside? Make detailed notes of questions to ask during the home inspection (and make sure you schedule an inspection!). Ask about a home warranty. Check for selling prices of comparable homes in the area. Find out about closing and other costs up front, so there won't be any surprises.

Chicago Cuisine Critique said...

Great tips! Best of luck with the house hunting girl. You know I've got my fingers crossed for you. :)

CHH said...

Dear Jocelyn,

A great home inspector can help
you save. Please also listen to them about what other additional tests that they can offer to make sure that your future home is safe.


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Jamie said...

Love Jocelyn's blog :) Her list is oh so true!

Jocelyn said...

Thanks everyone for your sweet feedback! I always enjoy new tips and help!! :)