Friday, September 23, 2011

Fabulous Fall: Things You're Looking Forward To

Things You're Looking Forward to This Fall

Staying warm and cozy with sweaters.

Wearing my Tory boots.

Frequent trips to Starbucks

Watching the leaves change
Source: via Alison on Pinterest

Exploring our options for expanding our family - Monday, were headed back to our fertility doctor to discuss our next plan for growing our family.  More than likely, we will begin the IUI process rather than just "trying".
Source: via Nadia on Pinterest

What are you looking forward to this fall?

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star said...

Ahhhh, I love those Tory boots! Good luck with the fertility doctor and hope you are pregnant soon! Wouldn't that be an awesome Christmas present? I put a baby on my list! Lets pray we both get one! :)

Jessica said...

I can't wait to pull out my sweaters too-- and love those Tory boots, if only I wasn't a broke grad student haha!

Sarah said...

Great picks!! I am praying for you!!

Mateya said...

Glad to hear you're moving forward with figuring out the best way to get Baby Smithwick here! Exciting!

Natasha said...

super jealous of those tory boots you got my dear...i'll be thinking of you on your journey of starting a family, too friend ;) OXOX

Jorden and Kristin said...

LOVE your boots!!!

My friend and her husband finally turned to IUI and had success the first round after 5 years of "Trying"! So glad you are able to do that so soon!! I'll be praying for you!!!

Everyday Adventures said...

Cant wait to see how you will wear those fabulous boots! Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way for Monday's appointment! Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth said...

We have done IUI as well and we have had two successful ones (although we lost both of them not pertaining to the process). I pray for success on the very first one!! Have a great day!

BlessedMama said...

Great Picks! Praying for you guys! Have a great weekend!

Jessica said...

Those Tory boots are gorgeous.

Good luck at the doctors my friend, prayers are with you and Fred. <3

Jessica said...

Those Tory boots are gorgeous.

Good luck at the doctors my friend, prayers are with you and Fred. <3

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

I think I'm the only person without those gorgeous boots! haha

Starbucks makes my day every time I'm able to go. I reallllly wish we had one closer!

I pray that God will bless you and Fred with a beautiful child. I know all things are according to His plan and that He has his arms around you! xo

Amber said...

The more I see those TB boots, the more I want them!! I love making frequent Sbux trips.. so worth it. I'll be thinking of you guys on Monday. xoxo

Mrs. S said...

I love the boots!!
I'm praying for you and Fred and your journey to becoming parents!

Laura Ashley said...

I LOVE those boots...maybe Santa would bring me some, b/c they are not in my budget. :)

Praying for your fertility appointment and your efforts to expand your family.

Neely said...

You and I love our boots! :)

Greer's Gossip said...

I really wish they still had those boots on her website in my size, I'm so jealous!!

Will be praying for you on Monday as you head to the Dr.!!!

jacquelyn said...

love those TB boots, and best of luck with your upcoming "family expanding" decisions :)

Wiz said...

Good luck with expanding your family! Will be thinking about you.