Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Training: Week 11

I know it's true.  
Here's this weeks schedule:

Sunday 3/11: 4 mile run (9:15 pace)
Monday 3/12: 2 mile run (8:32 pace)
Tuesday 3/13:   4.5 mile run (9:11 pace)
Wednesday 3/14: Rest Day - I know we'll be traveling and at the game
Thursday 3/15: 2 mile run
Friday 3/16: Rest Day
Saturday 3/17:  2 mile run
**all workouts are subject to change

Since I'll be out of town this week/weekend, I'll be packing my running shoes and some outfits.  I did it when I went to Miami and I actually pulled them out, put them on and ran.  When did I become this person?  So, my plan is to try and do the same wherever I may be.  

Here are my 5 tips for training while traveling:

1.  Pack your stuff.  Now don't go overboard, but pack a few things.  It'll make you more inclined to workout if you see your clothes.
2.  Train in the morning.  You're more likely to train at the beginning of your day.  Get up while the others snooze, throw on your clothes, and get going.  You can always nap by the pool or on the beach in the afternoon.
3.  Take the scenic route.  If you're somewhere warm and safe, run outside.  You can easily map a route with your computer or phone before you start going.  I did this along South Beach and it was amazing. 
4.  Pamper Yourself.  If you workout, reward yourself with a massage, facial, mani/pedi or a frosty beverage.
5.  Don't stress.  You're on vacation.  You don't have to do everything you planned.  The road and/or the treadmill will be waiting for you when you get home!


Kristen :) said...

Thanks for the traveling tips! I will be in the middle of marathon training when we take our trip to Disney in September; I was planning on packing my clothes and waking up a little early to do my running. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that plans like that!

Mrs. W said...

Great tips! I think you have inspired me to go on a little run this evening. Thank you!

Brown Girl said...

All very good tips! Def get that ish over with in the morning, when I don't it never gets done.

Amber said...

Good for you girl for working out on vacay.. I have a hard time committing to that!

Meghan said...

I love to work out on vacay! Running is a great way to see a new city. I also look for Pure Barre/Bar Method type classes in the area, too!

My Daily Journey to Share said...

Awesome times on your running!!! Erica

Jax said...

Lol! THat card is awesome! I have one friend that always seems to walk off when I start talking crossfit... I finally got the hint. Comedy. And fantastic times, girl! You rock!