Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Training: Week 12 & Skort/Skirt Talk

I never thought I'd say this, but running has become a part of my life.  I enjoy getting up (maybe not at 5:30am) and getting it done for the day.  This week, I learned that I am NOT an afternoon runner.  I struggled to do it, but I did it.  I'll stick to getting up with the chickens from now on! 

Here is this week's workouts:
Sunday 3/18: 2 mile run
Monday 3/19: 4.4 mile run
Tuesday 3/20:  3.1 mile run
Wednesday 3/21: 3.1 mile run
Thursday 3/22: 2 mile run
Friday 3/23: Pure Barre Class
Saturday 3/24:  5+ mile run
**all workouts are subject to change

And with the weather getting so nice, I am looking for a running skirt/skort.  But, since I'm new to this whole thing, I've been researching and here are some of the cute ones I've found:

Do any of you have a running skirt/skort you love?  I want something that won't ride up, but something that's cute. 


Valerie Griffin said...

you are really making me miss running :(

Ashley said...

I have the one from target. The shorts underneath ride up a little but the skirt itself stays put. I don't mind it too much since it was very affordable :)

Natalie said...

Do you read Rachel from Running Backwards in High Heels? She's an avid runner & swears by running skirts.
She loves when I send new runners her way to ask questions : )

Shari said...

I love the idea of a skort. For some reason I've just never been able to do it. I can't wait to see what you pick! :)

Neely said...

You're doing so great! I say go for the lulu one. I love my lulu skirt!

Mateya said...

I am not a fan of the skirts for running but I know a lot of people love them. I would go for the cheap Target one first to see if you like running in them and then splurge :)

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

the athleta by far is the best! i love their catalog!!!

erin said...

I've read/heard good things about but have not personally tried them out. I am reluctant to try skorts/shorts when running because I'm sure the shorts would ride up because of my chunky thighs. I would love to try it, though!

You are running a LOT. Way to go!

Tara said...

New workout clothes always motivate me ;) Love the workout attire picks!

Leigh said...

I have two from lululemon and LOVE both of them. It hasn't been warm enough to wear them outside here, but have worn them while running on my treadmill multiple times. So comfortable!

Amber said...

You make me wanna start running! I have downloaded the C25k app, but haven't started it yet. I love the look of running skirts, I think they are so cute.

Krystal said...

I think I'm going to get one and try it. My thighs still rub together so I don't like to run in shorts because they ride up but I get hot in capris/pants. This skirt might me the perfect solution!!!

meghan said...

Oooh. I like the Athleta skirt! Very cute.