Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Training: Carrie Underwood Inspired

I know I usually blog about running, but strength training is equally important for all. And it might be safe to say that the majority of us want to look like Carrie Underwood.
Well, when I saw that she was on the cover of Self magazine, I had to buy it. 

In the article, she revealed one of her workout plans that she has for herself... 

The Idea:

1.  Take a deck of cards and assign each suit (ie. diamonds, spades, etc.) to a particular part of the body.
2.  Spilt the deck in half and write down exercises for each suit, a different one for each. (ie. 9 of spades = 9 crunches).

It's that easy.

So, I decided to try it (and with some help from Ashley).  Hey, it's worth "trying" to look like Mrs. Fisher.

My Plan:

Deck Half One
Diamonds - Push-ups
Hearts - Squats
Spades - Abdominal Crunches
Clubs -  Jumping Jacks
Joker - 1 mile Run
Jack - 3 Sun Salutations (yoga pose)
Queens - 60 seconds of (air) boxing 
Kings - 10 of the suit's exercise
Ace - 14 of the suit's exercise

Deck Half Two
Diamonds - Bicep Curls
Hearts - Lunges
Spades - Planks
Clubs - Crossover Toe Touches
Joker - 1 mile Run
Jack - 3 Sun Salutations (yoga pose)
Queens - 60 seconds of (air) boxing
Kings - 10 of the suit's exercise
Ace - 14 of the suit's exercise

And one of the best things about this is that you don't have to belong to a gym or use fancy equipment.  Have you tried this?


Christin said...

This is a cool idea!

star said...

How I wish I looked just half as amazing as Carrie! This is a good idea I need to try after Liam is born!

Shari said...

I LOVE this idea. So clever. I may just do this tomorrow morning. :)

J and A said...

Read this too, love the idea. Must try it one of these days!!! :)

Natasha said...

I read that article too!! Sounds like a really good idea, especially when you've got a workout buddy

P!nky said...


so smart! xoxo

Carolyn said...

I love this idea!!!

Kayln said...

That is such a good idea! And Carrie Underwood has an amazing body so I def need to try this too :)

KRISTIN said...

I dont think I could love Carrie Underwood any more. That's such a good idea! Let me know how it goes. :)

Valerie Griffin said...

neat idea!

Casey said...

My husbands squadron does this. They call it "Hell Deck"...I'm sure you can understand why! Especially when you draw a joker three times in a row. :) I seriously need to get on board and give it a try!

Jessica said...

I love this idea!!!

Jill @ ACharmedLife said...

such a good workout when you're on the go! jamie eason has a simillar one... it's killer but works so well! happy thursday :) XO

Neely said...

SUCH a cool idea!

Beth Ann said...

Love Carrie!

Off-topic question for you - any type of running shoes you recommend?

Claire Maria said...

I would love to try out this core workout but unfortunately cannot print. I tried printing from the print button on top but it prints out blank and also just tried printing regular and it also prints out blank. Any help would be appreciated as I'm excited to try out :)

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

sounds really fun!! i saw this in the magazine too!