Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Crib

By now, all of you know that we're in the process of adopting a little boy or a little girl.  So over the weekend I conducted a poll via Facebook and it was split 50/50, but I wanted to get your opinion...

Convertible Cribs 
Standard Cribs



Kelley E. said...

We got a convertible but probably won't ever convert it. I just liked the way it looked, and it wasn't too expensive. Plus we would have to buy a kit to be able to use it as a full size bed. I'd say, base your decision on what you like and what your future plans are. We plan to adopt again in the next year or so, and we'll use the same crib for our next child, so we wouldn't even be able to convert the crib to a full sized bed for another 3-4 years. Kate can use the bed as a toddler bed until we adopt our next child, and then once we are placed with a baby, it will be used as a crib for another 2 years. So for us, a standard crib would have been perfectly fine. I just liked the look of the crib we got, and it just happened to be convertible.

Meredith said...

I went standard route for Millie for the reason of your going to keep them in the crib for probably a year and a half to two years very one says, so at that point when she does go to a toddler bed, why not buy a pretty toddler bed she'll love. Either crib above is pretty though. Only thing I wish I had done different, is go with the white crib vs the dark crib. I think it would have looked better but oh well, she has a dark crib. Maybe I'll do her room in white when she does go to a toddler bed.

Angela said...

I seriously love them both. I think the covetable crib is more of a centre piece in the room because it's much bigger, but it really is beautiful and I love the curved back. Plus you are able to use it in the future. I love the standard crib because it looks like it takes up less room which means it probably makes your space look bigger, and it's elegant.
I think I would have to say my pick is the standard :)

Amanda said...

We went with a convertible crib and did buy the toddler bed conversion kit...after everything totalled up it seemed appropriate to spend almost $800 on everything compared to a $300+ crib, a $250+ toddler bed and a $350+ full size bed! I guess it's personal preference, though!? Make sure it's greengarded {sp} meaning there are no chemicals in the wood or paint!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

i already said i hated the convert esp if you have another baby after 1st

btw that last photo is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

love the crib

Lindsey said...

We went the standard crib route with all 3 of our kids. We found a cute wooden toddler bed (online at Walmart I think) for around $30 and it has lasted for all 3 of my kids and I even let a friend borrow it for her son too. It has been very durable. I liked how our standard crib was much smaller, easier to move to vaccumm under or tie bumper pads on and easier to change sheets. Also I have some friends that had the convertible cribs and due to the chunkier frame, their kids were able to climb out easier vs some standard cribs (like the one you pictured) are sleeker and aren't easy for kids to climb out of. Of course this is all depending on each individual child. Good luck with the search.

Carolyn said...

I have no experience with either, but I'm thinking that a standard one would be my vote! That way, you get to buy a new one when they're a toddler! OR get the crib you think is the cutest, and don't worry about what "type" it is! HAHA

Mrs. Lovely said...

I'm leaning towards a crib. I don't know what to think about the whole "toddler bed" because I know I didn't have one! I went from a crib to a bunk bed. But go with what style you want the room to be. The crib picture is beautiful.

Kelly said...

My husband and I are trying to decide between the convertible and the standard crib right now as well. I'm leaning more toward whichever crib I like the best - if it converts great, if not - we will be having more children in the future and will most certainly just resuse the crib!

Afterall it will be cheaper to buy a bed in the future rather than another crib.

Good luck!

Tickled Pink said...

With Reagan we got a regular crib and plan on using it with Hudson. (Reagan moved from the crib to a full bed.) And we got Harper a convertible crib only because it matched the other one we had the closet. I'm not a huge fan of the "toddler size"... I figure- might as well go bigger so you can lay in there and read books together.

Ally Drees said...

We decided on the convertible. It wasn't too expensive, and you really only need to get the mattress and rails when you go to the full size. We are doing that with Leyla next week! WE are all pretty pumped!!

Shari said...

While I'm nowhere near the baby thing, I just like the idea and look of the convertible. It's so pretty. :)

JMc said...

My daughter had a convertible crib. I didn't really pick it but that is what my grandfather gave us at her baby shower. I loved it. She used it as a toddler bed and it made for a very easy transition.

averyswifeliz said...

I also vote for the convertible. I feel like you get more bang for your buck with it, so to speak.

Adrienne Gomer said...

We have a convertible crib and I love it because it made the transition to a toddler bed much easier. My daughter didn't have a problem changing to a big girl bed because it was the same bed she always had just without the front piece. I've heard some kids freak out when you change them to a completely different bed. Also, then you don't have to buy a separate toddler bed which you'll use for maybe a year before having to buy a regular bed. We had another baby when my daughter was three so we converted it back to a crib, but we plan on using it as a crib/toddler bed for all of our future children. It really depends how many kids you may have. If you just have one, you'll really only use a regular crib for two years and won't be able to use it as anything else after that, sort of a waste.

Leslie said...

Ours looks like a standard but I'm pretty sure it converts to a toddler bed. We won't be doing that because we had two kids fairly close together so we'll just use the crib as is for Rhett. I bought a used toddler bed from a consignment sale (only $30!) to use for Riggs in this little rental house we're in now and then plan to buy two twin beds for the boys to share a room when we buy a house here. I say just choose a crib based on what you like aesthetically rather than on function! :)

Meagan said...

Not sure how I missed this on facebook, but we have a convertible crib that we probably won't ever convert. I saw someone mentioned the kid would be in the crib for a year. It is more like 2 or 3 years and we are just going to put him on the queen bed in the guest room aka his big boy room when we need to kick him out of the nursery for another baby. If God is getting my plan you know :)

Kit said...

We bought a convertible crib but it looks like that standard one. With that being said we will probably not use the crib once Ellison starts crawling. We are going with the Montessori approach and will have his mattress right on the floor.

Melissa said...

We are doing the convertible crib but I do love the standard ones. I guess it just depends on what style you like and also whether or not you think you'll actually convert it.

Mindy said...

Convertible! It looks cuter and is more practical (this coming from a completely non-mother opinion).

Katie said...

I haven't read all the other comments, so forgive me if this is a repeat! But we went with a convertible crib. We didn't buy a changing table, so we use her crib for everything, and the low front makes it so easy to change, lotion, and dress baby! We may or may not ever convert it later, but I just like the way it looks :)

Katie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
amber said...

Get whatever is cuter but don't get a crib bumper or quilt. Although they are SUPER cute, you are not supposed to use them because of the SIDS risk. All cribs now are made so the slats are the perfect width apart so the bumpers are not needed. There are a ton of cute fitted sheets on the market so extra bedding isn't necessary.

KRISTIN said...

We got a convertible. I, personally, liked the look better! Plus, cribs are so spendy (no matter what kind you get) so we figured at least we'd get YEARS of use out of ours.

Brooke said...

The top crib is adorable!
Where are you planning on adopting from?
I have also thought of adoption, it is a very nice idea! Good for you!



Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

I went with Standard for both kids and WISHED I would have went with the convertible.

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