Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Training: What to Wear

Now that the weather is so iffy, I'm always at a loss on what to wear when I run outside.    
This super duper, awesome article from Runner's World, discusses dressing for runs. I've always heard to dress 10-20 degrees warmer outside than what it really is and that's exactly what these experts say:

above 70...lightweith/light-colored singlet and shorts
60 to 69...tank top or singlet and shorts
50 to 59...t-shirt and shorts
40 to 49....long-sleeve shirt and tights or shorts
30 to 39...long-sleeve shirt and tights
20 to 29...two upper-body layers and one lower-body layer
10 to 19...two upper-body layers and one lower-body layer
0 to 9...two/three upper-body layers, one/two lower-body layers
below 0...three upper-body layers, two lower-body layers

 I hope this helps you as you get ready to set out on your runs this fall. 

Happy running!


KRISTIN said...

I definitely need to invest in some post baby work out clothes--these are great tips.

Carolyn said...

Great tips! Although, if it's lower than 30 degrees, you're probably not getting me to run outside. HAHA

Shari said...

These are great tips!

Mrs. in Memphis said...

This is awesome! Thanks! :) Btw...I am pretty sure I saw you at Merry Marketplace yesterday...but didn't want to be all stalker-esque on you. Hope it went well!