Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'll Drink to That

I've never really given anything up or celebrated Lent, but this year I wanted to do a little something.  I thought about giving up sweets, but then I remembered I have a couple of more Sip and Sees and I wouldn't want to offend the hostesses by not eating the yummy goodies.  So, I started thinking about this and I decided that...

I will drink at least 100 ounces of water a day.  
I don't plan on giving up my one diet coke a day because I don't want to become a grouch, but I do want to drink more water.

It helps my skin and it helps me feel better.  Plus, I burn a couple more calories having to run to the bathroom often.  :) 

I plan to keep track of how much water I drink with the Waterlogged app on my phone.

I'm always up for a challenge so this should be quite fun!   


Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

That's a great thing to do for Lent! I always feel so much better when I drink a lot of water - I'll have to check out that app!

LB @ Table For One said...

I'm going to have to check out that app!! I'm giving up Diet Coke for Lent...Gasp! I'm also going to read my Bible everyday too!

Melissa said...

Wow! 100 ounces a day! I'm impressed! I make myself drink 64 ounces/day and that pretty difficult! I look forward to hearing how it goes!