Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Training: Pure Barre Mile High 2 DVD Review

Last week I splurged and bought another Pure Barre DVD to do at home.  Since I enjoyed the Mile High 1 DVD, I decided to give the Mile High 2 DVD a try.  
Here are my thoughts on this DVD...

*It's very similar to a studio Pure Barre class, minus the $20+ per class. 
*You're done in less than 40 minutes. 
*The instruction is incredible. Carrie, the instructor and owner, does it with you as opposed to just telling you what to do like most DVDs. 
*You can use the back of a chair, the back of your couch (what I did) or a countertop as your bar. 
*I preferred the ab workout over the previous DVD.

*You will need a 5" rubber ball for this one as well. Pure Barre sells their own and it is perfect.  You can get it here.
*It also does not include the bicep arm workout, abs in round back or lifting of the seat at the very end of a studio class. 

 I give this DVD 2 thumbs up!  I love popping in these DVDs and getting a workout without having to leave Eli and spend $20 per class.  

Let me know if you ever try one of these DVDs. 


Kelly said...

I started doing barre videos a year ago and I did get the pure barre ones, but I really like the barre 3 video so i joined barre 3 online. It is $15/ month and there are a bunch of workouts with new ones added often. You can do them from your laptop, iPad, etc AND when I travel I just take my ball (yes, there is a different kind of ball) and I improvise some weights. You should check it out. It's very convenient.

Carolyn said...

I'm definitely going to be checking these dvds out in September! HAHAHAHA! I've only been to one Pure Barre class, but I LOVED it!

Neely said...

This is my fav pure barre DVD I do it at least 2-3 times a week

J and A said...

I cant wait to try mine. Love your review! DVDs are my thing for sure! I love being at home and throwing the ball in the basement for Cruz while I workout!

Melissa Jo said...

A pure barre place just opened in Auburn and I haven't tried it yet. I may try this DVD first!

Laura B @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

I love Pure Barre. Have you been to one of the ones here?

meghan said...

I've never been to a Barre class. I think I might want to just buy one of these DVDs. Can you buy them at Target or something like that?