Thursday, April 25, 2013

Good Finds

Memphis finally got a Madewell store and I had to go the day they opened.  I've been waiting for this day ever since I discovered the brand last March in Ohio.  I've been wanting a new pair of their jeans and I've been waiting for the store to open here so I could try them on.
My experience in the store was nothing less than exceptional.  All of the sales associates were knowledgeable and so sweet.  I even met Colleen, a fellow Memphis blogger.  She actually recognized me from Simply Smithwick.  I've never been recognized before so it was kind of cool.  :)

I ended up getting the Skinny Skinny Ankle jeans in canister wash.  Let me tell you, these jeans are so comfy!  I think everyone should own a pair.
I also ventured over to Lululemon to pick up my headband from the plank challenge.  I only wore it around the house, but so far so good. I may actually keep this one as my "good" headband and not workout in it just yet.  If it sucks, at least I'm not out any money.  I'm just out 5 minutes and 32 seconds of my time.  :)  Thanks to all who told me which ones worked best.   
Have you come across any good finds lately? 


Ashley said...

I'm on a budget, so I found my good find at Target! An adorable cream and black polka dot sweater, comparable to a J Crew one I loved.
Those jeans are the perfect wash!

Jessica said...

Ooh so did you win the plank challenge?! Or was that a consolation prize? Hahah

Those jeans are cute!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I love Madewell! The one here is literally right next door to J.Crew!

Caitlin said...

Um where is this Memphis Madewell?! I had no idea that they had opened one here!

Lindsey @ Let the Light Shine said...

You won the plank challenge?! That's awesome!

And how cool that you were recognized!!

Adrienne Gomer said...

Lulu headbands are awesome! I sweat in mine all the time, they're machine washable and look and smell like new afterwards. They're very durable.

Delta Daisies said...

love those jeans!